:( Not happy with weight loss this week


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:( I know we shouldn't but I hopped on the scales tonight and wished I hadn't!

On sunday I had my proper weigh in and between then and tonight I've only lost 1lb :mad:

I was hoping to lose at least 3lbs this week so that I can reach my mini goal by xmas. Is it likely that I will lose the other 2lbs by sunday afternoon? (I'm thinking not! :(). I've stuck to SSing 100% and have done nothing wrong (I dont *think*! Not had anything I shouldn't have).

I'll be gutted if I dont get my xmas goal.

(Last weigh in was 12st 12.5lbs, aiming for 3lbs for the 3 weigh ins before xmas so want to lose 9lbs by xmas eve. Mini goal is 12st 3.5lbs)
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I think it is totally possible you can lose the other 2lb by sunday... you could be just retaining fluid etc etc... i'm on a restart so it is different but i weighed yesterday and this morning and this morning i was 2lb lighter.... it is possible... don't be disheartened... its not possible to put on weight so you will be grand!!!! drink as much water as possible over the next couple of days and ur system will be well flushed out!!!


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Several times I didn't lose anything until the day of my weigh in, don't panic yet. And even if you have one poor week you usually then get a really good one the next week. Don't trust the scales!


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Stay away from the scales lol!!!!!!!!

I have been know to stick for 5 days and lose 3lbs overnight so please do not panic, and Im not just saying this to make you feel better, I cross my heart.

Once a week on the scales is enough hun x


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I find that the weight loss seems to show more around the day I am due to be weighed. I panic all week and am sure I haven't lost but I always have ! It doesn't stop me keep on weighing though :rolleyes:


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I only lost a sodding 1lb this week too!!! Am not tooooooooooo unhappy but why did that happen?? I have never ever ever strayed! Why? What am I doing wrong???

I must say this week I have been missing lunch and having 2 packs in the evening...so Im thinking im having all my calories in the eve (along with meal...790) and then going to bed...therefore not burning anything much off.
could this be the case?
This week will experiment and get back to old routine and see what happens.


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I used to stay the same for 4-5 days then lose my 3lbs on the last 2 days. Regular as clockwork me :D

Hang in there. Even if it is 1lb at the end of the week, you'll probably make up for it next week.

You're losing more than 1lb of fat regardless of what the scales say


Focused & goin for goal!
Boo!! :mad: Only managed 2.5lbs this week!! Not very pleased with this! I know I said I was hoping for at least 3lbs and I'm only 0.5lb off this but I still feel this wasn't very good. Next week's had better be a big one!!

(on the plus side, I am noe just over half way to my goal!! :D)


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I always say line up 2.5 lbs of butter and see how much you have lost..................Its still going in the right direction. Best of luck for next week. onwards and downwards