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Not happy

:cry:Only a measly 1lb weight loss this week after being sooooo good and sticking to my ts! I am trying not to get too down about it but like most dieters the scales are my enemy. Can only stick to it and hope next week will show better results.

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Try not to be too hard on yourself, your still on track for the 14lb loss for the 4 weeks :)

Well done for sticking with it, good luck for this week and stay strong!! :D


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Aww don't feel down :( As MrMojo says, look at the average loss over the last few weeks. Think LL (similar kind of diet) advocated an average of 3 lbs loss per week or 1 stone a month - you are well on track for that!

Had a friend who would yoyo a lot with her losses, even though she stuck to it religiously. One week 1-2lbs, the next 8-9lbs. Was weird, but somehow that was how her body worked.

Its still a loss!


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I had a 1lb loss too and was def not happy about it as I'd been 100% too.

Luckily I have scales that show body fat & water % and the water was way up this week so I'm hoping that will drop away this week.

Maybe you're holding some water too.

As others have said weight doesn't always come off evenly each week, our bodies are funny things lol

Yes, you really do need to look at the bigger picture. The diet works and it's the fastest possible way to lose your weight. Just stick with it and don't let the scales put you off.

Are you taking your measurements as well, because I bet there would be a difference there - regardless of what the scales are suggesting.
Thanks folks, I didn't measure myself at the beginning, couldn't bear to but I guess you're all right and I should be looking at the bigger picture, I've got pms at the minute so maybe holding on to extra water due to that cos I haven't been going to the toilet so much either - hopefully will sort itself out next week!

(notes to self)
I will stay STRONG
I will not GIVE UP



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You should always concentrate on the inch loss NOT the weight loss. Seriously. Watching those inches melt away is far more important!
I hope I don't lose inches in the wrong place LMAO :p
hey bluefox - sorry to hear! I know you started two days after me so I always look out!

Hope you can still be good for W4 and get a good result this week to keep you keen! As others say the ups and downs seem a little random at times and there's a few lb in water retention variation etc etc. Cross my fingers for a 3+ for your week 4!

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