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Not having a good day

Hi everyone

Not having a very good day. Woke up really tired and hungry and even though i have had a shake and a soup still feel hungry. It is day 10 today and i would of thought it wold have gotten easier by now. I doesnt help my daughter has been ill for a week so i havent been out of the house since last Monday (except WI on fri) and my husband is away on business. Too much time alone to think about food! I have just done lunch for the kids and it has taken everything i have not to eat it! Just feel exhausted!

Trying to feel a bit more positive by reading all the threads on how well you are all doing.

cawisu xx
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Ello huni,

sounds like ur stuck in the middle of it all!!!

try and stay positive, 10 days on this diet is like the hardest 10 days of your life!! n would seem so silly to throw it all away...

i know its hard, u really need to keep busy, and each morning pat yourself on the back for making it to another day...

i spent the weekend wantin to strangle my Oh as he was eatin all sorts, thats after 6 weeks, but u just gota remember why ru doing it, and that its to change urself for the better...

The food will still be ther for us when we reach our goal, and can controll our urges..

best of luck

loadsa loves xxxxxx
Aww hun,sending you big hugs.

It must be pretty grotty been stuck in, i hate it, i have to get out as i get really bad cabin fever.

Hope your daughter gets better soon.

When i'm feeling down and fed up, i take a nosey at the inspirational slide above,they pick me up and keep me going.


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ahhh honey!
firstly well done on getting 10 days under your belt!
Everytime you make another day do as lauren said pat yourself on the back that you have survived another day!

Do you have a wii or other games console to play at home?
They realllly pass the time! especially wii fit - its great! lol


Getting thinner everyday!
Keep plodding on..you'll get through it. And you'll be all the stronger when you do 'cos you'll have learnt you can get through difficult days.

Thanks girls for the support it means a lot and is really keeping me going.

I managed to get through the rest of the day so thats something. I am going to be stuck in for a few more days yet as my daughter has a stomach bug (we think) we have to wait for test results to see if she is contagious. I will try to plan some things to keep us occupied through the day tomorrow to try to keep my mind off the food! We do have a wii fit but i have a bad pelvis so it is difficult for me to do much physical stuff. My husband gets home on wednesday so hopefully that will help. Although i feel that grumpy i might just bite his head off haha

Thanks again for keeping me strong.

cawisu xx
find something to do with your hands....sewing maybe? If you keep them occupied you won't reach for the chocolate (well thats the theory anyway) good luck and well done i don't think i've even done 10 full days without falling off the wagon! inspiration to me! :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Glad you made it through chick!!

Hope your daughter gets better soon!!
your doing well keep it up

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