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Not impressed with WW online

Is anyone else doing WW online?
Has anybody else noticed that for example you search for a product e.g chicken flavoured mug shot on-line it says 1 point but if you put it into the calculator it says 3.5
Ainsley harriott spice sensation comes up on line as 1 point per serving or 2 points for the pack when you put it into the calculator it comes up at 2.5 per portion or 5 points a pack.
So there is me thinking I have been really good and I have been having at least 4 points a day too many:mad: to say I am unhappy is a understatement
Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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No it is the actual weight watcher pages when you go into your weight tracker and it says find food
Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ive found this. I brought it up with my WW leader and she said to use the higher points value. I generally use the calculator option though.
I get the WW deli tuna and tomato tins. They have 1 point on the side. So you would think 2 pots would be 2 points but the calculator says 2.5 points which is fine taking into account that eggs and bread changes too. The online food diary search thing though brings up 2 portions at 1.5 points.
Should I not trust the online thing then? I've just paid for 3 months of it and I don't want it to end up being pointless?!
So have I :cry:
I think it is ok for everyday basic things just not sure about pre-package things from now on I am going to use the calculator.
Jayne xxxxxx
Ive found this. I brought it up with my WW leader and she said to use the higher points value.
What crap advice that is. Why should we be done out of points cos WW are too damn lazy to get the site up to date. Theres one thing I have regularly and its ONE point but on the WW site it shows as FOUR. Now why should I count it as 4 when its not :mad:
To be honest if I were you I would ring and complain, see if you can get refund. Then join class to get the books, but just don't go back to the class then, if you don't want to. Thats really bad, they need to get it sorted.
I can't join a club as I live in Spain but I am thinking of complaining,if enough people complain they might get their @rse in gear
Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Silver Member
ok seen this post, and can of ww leek soup is 1 point on can but on line saying 1 per 1/2 but when i use the calculator it does say 1 per can grrr im blooming confused now
It's ridiculous that they can be wrong. A point here or there may not seem much, but it really adds up!
I would say if you have the nutritional information, always use that and the calculator, and only use the website if you have no other way of pointing!!
The only thing I can think of, is that when weightwatchers works it out themselves, they might only be looking at certain ingredients (for example, seeing as most vegetables are 0pts they probably wouldn't look at those to calculate the points) but when you put it in yourself, because you put in all the calories rather than just those of a few ingredients, it comes out higher? I don't think I made any sense but I tried!
I have been on/off weightwatchers for 3 years. The first couple of times I did it using the online tools. I came accross the same problems that you guys have, whenever i spoke to anyone about it i got similar responses.

This time i bought myself the books, a calculator and the scales and since then i have not used anything to do with weightwatchers. The scales have an option where you can imput the cals and sat fat for 100g and then weigh your portion. This gives u an accurate weight for the food. I have been succeeding like this since January.
I am off to to the UK on Fri I have a voucher for free membership so going to join and get the books
this way
Jayne xxxxxxx


Silver Member
Nice one Jayne, does that mean you'll be able to pick up the books just by paying the weekly fee? Serves them right!

It's made me really :mad: reading this thread, WW is such a big concern that there is really no excuse for such shoddy information.

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