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Extra Easy Not losing on EE?


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Tonight I asked the woman who does WI if she has tried EE and she said it looks like it's more of a maintenence plan. She has read the book cover to cover and aparently somewhere in there it says 'For faster losses try the original or green plan' (or words to that effect). This could explain why some people are reporting gains whilst following EE
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Interesting. Seems to good to be true to me! I don't eat meat and have limited fish so it's of no real benefit to me anyhow. Seems mad that we can now eat so much unlimited and still lose? I guess it's a trial and error thing for a lot of people. If loses are slightly lower than when doing red / green days it doesn't matter if it's easier for people to stick to. Having a 'diet' that is realisitic and fits in with day to day life is paramount and EE does seem to do that for most people.


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On p1, just 2/3 of the way through MM-B's introduction she comments that having done EE for a while, switch to green or red for a bigger loss.

I can see why the plan works for many many people but it's not for me. It could be that when doing EE days, I have a disproportionate amount of free red foods to free greens but I am a die-hard red girl so I'm sticking to red days with the occassional EE


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
Yeah I definately think it's a case of finding the plan that is right for you. I'm with you guys here, EE is no good for me as I don't eat enough meat to justify it. It does seem to me though, that they have taken success express and made it into a plan


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I like EE for weekends and just for a change, but I'm more a green day girl. I don't eat enough superfree veg to do the third of a plate thing on EE days and I miss my healthy extras. Just knowing I can't have a bowl of weetabix at suppertime in case I'm still hungry makes me feel deprived!

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I havent tried EE yet and I think that I will probably hold off in that case until I am almost at goal. I like my Red and Green Days and have been doing them for years on and off...I would rather stick to what I know works.
I didnt even try the SExpress (I think its called?!) or the Mix-Max either for the same reasons.


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
I have done Mix2Max days but I prefer to have the freedom to be able to snack on free food throughout the day
S: 11st6lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st5lb(3.13%)
I gained on my first week (2lbs) but also was * week and had done a big run the day before so might have been holding onto a lot of water. i like the plan but im going to try my best to stick to red/green where possible and use ee when eating out
In the Extra Easy book 'We'll monitor your weight loss as you reduce in size and help you choose when to switch to our Original or Green choice, if you feel you need to speed up your weight loss'

Interesting .. i never read that before til Sue pointed it out. but it does seem to suggest that red and green are speedier weight loss plans. or maybe it just means having a change will help to speed things up.
What does everyone else think?
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I'm so glad you've posted this, as I'm tearing my hair out. I've been doing ee for three weeks and have only dropped about 2 lbs. Grrr! I love the plan, but it's clearly not working for me, and now I know there's a potential reason why, I feel justified in going back to red and green...although seem to have forgotten most of the rules to them...2 HXAs and 2 HXBs?

Thanks for the post. Has made me feel much better.x


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I think it depends on the individual - I am having similar losses on EE that I did on red and green, but I prefer EE and it fits better with my lifestyle and cooking meals for my OH. I think it's up to you - do what you are comfortable with and most importantly do the plan YOU enjoy or else you will be miserable. Got to be positive!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
I think you hit the nail on the head there Rachella. You have to enjoy what you are doing or it just wont work
Ive been doing 1 or 2 days of EE instead of a whole week and ive found ive enjoyed this so much more, when im on EE i love the freedom to eat red and green together, but then when i go back on to red or green, i love having 2 As and Bs again so its great, and on a plus side, i lost 2.5 lbs yesterday :) so i think if you throw in a couple of EE days rather than a whole week you will get quite good losses. I wonder if the people who are having good losses on EE are doing something more akin to success express ??


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Iv done EE for 2 weeks and lost 4lb in those 2 weeks ... and AF was here last week?

Its down to the individual.... IMO?
Well I did a mixed week of green and EE and lost 3 1/2 lbs but this was my first week back on the plan since beginning of December. I am going to continue this way until I feel that it is not working for me then I will review things, but so far so good.
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My take on it is that it gives your body a jolt from doing your red/green I lost 3.5lbs 1st week and went back to red this week lost 1/2lb!will use as and when I feel like such as sundays.my consultant said its the adult version of the teenage plan they do.


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at the end of the day i guess it still depends on calorie intake therefore if we put too much red AND green on our plates then the weight will not come off! the plan probably accounts for the fact that you feel more satisfied being able to have both red and green therefore will stop eating when yr full?!? not sure!!!
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I think EE is for begginers and people who are struggling, to get you back onto a losing streak, but if red/green is workign dont move to EE as it will slow your weight loss down. just the same as success express will spead it up. there are different levels for differnt people

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