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Not losing weight

Could be the cheese stalling you

How much do you have to lose
What part of the diet are you on ie induction, owl
What are you drinking?
And excuse the lack of punctuation, spelling and general personality lol

This iPhone is a pain on the arse lol
You might try a little variety... shake things up a bit! Try some new recipes/combinations. Missy is right too - watch your cheese because it does stall some people.

Are you losing inches though, and just not pounds? Sometimes the scale might not be moving, but your size is still changing. Keep that in mind if you seem stuck. A true stall lasts for weeks (sometimes I can go a month without any major loss, then boom... whoosh, it all falls off!)

I've found that when I've been on a stall, sometimes having a meal a little higher in carbs once and a while seems to get me out of it. Now, this is just personal experience, but I think staying in a set pattern can really get you in a rut. Remember that eating low-carb is a lifestyle, and losing weight is a long-term thing - you don't want to get bored with food then go crazy with sugary stuff and set yourself backwards. Try some new things, drink lots of water, and see what happens.

Good luck!
Hi Sarah, we need a little more information really, but welcome love. :)
I just noticed your stats - I was in your shoes in February, and while I've had a few stop/starts, I'm almost at goal weight now. It IS possible, and you can enjoy it too!

The other thing I was wondering... are you getting enough fat in your diet? It's a really hard concept to grasp if you've been eating low-fat products for years, but make sure you are cooking with olive oil, putting butter on your veg and choosing meats with some fat content (no superlean stuff!). The fat is a key part of this diet - you can't eat low carb and low fat at the same time and expect to get far.
Thankyouu !! Just depressing when you feel like your being really good and the scales just stickk i'll try no cheese and more veggies and fats !! How much veg do you actually eatt ?? the cup meaurements confuse me but i dont wanna go overboard :/ lol !! Thanks again x
Sarah, On induction I have 3 mugs of chopped green veggies a day love, that simple.
have a look on what we are eating today thread :) i get loads of ideas from there x
Do you think you can drop a size in 2 weeks? started seriously on atkins again yesterday and hoping that i can fit back into my 14s again sooner rather than later, dont own anything bigger anymore.
I am actually quite nervous, incase i dont do well and end up back on cambridge again.
Fingers crossed.
Hi Julz - you aren't far from me... I'm near Stirling!

Two weeks isn't long, and it's a lot of pressure. Pressure like that could keep you from eating anything, which defeats the purpose.

Can you just pick up a few cheap things (George, or Matalan, or even Ebay?), or borrow a couple of things from friends, to tide you over? I know it's a pain to buy clothes if you don't plan on being that size for long, but I think it's better to lose weight slowly and steadily rather than risk it all coming back on. Do you have something special going on in 2 weeks that you have to go down a size for?

What kind of things are you looking for? I know I've got some things I could pass on until you get back into your 14's again :)

GOOD LUCK - I know you can do it! Stick with us, and we'll keep you right :)
thx for your lovely post. Its nothing special really just a trade fair. I suppose i am being very optomistic but i know i can do it just have to stick to it.
I pass your way every other day on my travels round the countryside.Not been great lately with the snow and ice though.
I see your goal is the same as mine and your the same height, nice to have someone with same stats that you can bounce off.
Hey - you'll have to give me a shout if you are up for a coffee or anything! I'm towards Alloa, but would be happy to meet up somewhere.

Trade show... hmmm, I know that must be stressful because you want to look your best. I can have a look for some size 16 things (I've been collecting stuff to donate, been tucking things into a trunk as I go along). Are you looking for business/smart casual/???

You've shown you can do it - 4 stone on Lipotrim? That must have been hard work! So you've shown you can do it, but it's hard to live on shakes/meal replacement for the rest of your life. There's so many of us here that know that this works for us - it doesn't fit into everyone's life, but it's one method that can result in health, weight loss, and involves real food and not being hungry. I sometimes look into the other forums here on Minimins, and everyone sounds so hungry! I don't miss that.

I was your exact weight in August, and I started taking a ballet class. I didn't last long (I'm not very good at dancing!) but I still stood in front of a roomful of mirrors and a dozen strangers wearing nothing but tights and a leotard... and you know, it wasn't horrible! Yes, I was a lot bigger than the rest, but I still did it. And now, I'm 25 pounds less and can't quite believe it. And it doesn't feel long ago... I had some interruptions with holidays/Christmas, but those ballet classes felt like yesterday. So keep it up - you have 31 pounds left, I have about 14... we can do it!

Now, go eat some bacon... and enjoy it! :)

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