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Not losing weight

Hey everyone

I'm feeling a dis-heartened at the moment. I'm now into week 5 at Slimming World and my weight loss has stopped. week 1 - 4lbs, week 2 - 5.5lbs, week 3 - 1.5lbs, week 4 - Stayed the same. Week 5 and I think if lost stuff all again.:sigh: I've food optimised 100% and gym about 7 hours a week so i'm a bit miffed and get peed off. Any advice??? :gen147:
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If you are going to the gym for 7 hours then you may be toning and gaining muscle. Do your clothes feel looser/ are you measuring your inches? If you are sticking to SW 100% then you will succeed.


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Is it your time of the month??? Weight often goes up as well as down!:cry:
I don't weigh myself that much as I want to see losses or I get demotivated - if I only weigh myself once or twice a month I'm more likely to see a loss and stay motivated.


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Get out those body fat scales if you're really concerned.

Or, my favourite, if the weight aint moving EAT SOME MORE FREE FOOD!!

If I feel fat on Slimming World I cook up another hot bowl of pasta or get me a mullerlight. I'll eat a million bananas and... by the next weigh-in next week I've shed quite a lot.

Trust me... I lost all my weight with Slimming World. I am now doing the Cambridge Diet to get me to target (and to support my husband who is looking for a quick fix) and then I am right back to Slimming World again.

Slimming World isn't a quick fix; it's a way of life. Embrace it, sod the scales. Fill up and enjoy all that wonderful free food.


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Maybe you're not eating enough, especially with all that exercise. I was really good last week, didn't have hardly any syns, didn't go out, and only lost a pound. This week I've been out for a meal and had wine, and had a few more syns, so I'll see if it has made a difference tomorrow! I haven't started exercising yet, maybe the day is looming that I have to start! :(


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Yeah your loss so far is really good and it's probably just catching up. It could be due to hormones if it's TOTM


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I agree with Starlight. As women our bodies work in a monthly cycle so measure your overall loss for the month. Also these might help;
Up your water intake by 500ml a day
Take a multivitamin and a flaxseed oil tablet
Variety with your food choices is cruicial
Perhaps drop 1 session at the gym, you want to stay in the weight loss/ toning zone, as opposed to the bulk muscle gain
Are you measuring as fat and muscle move around when you are loosing weight.

Stick with it, you are loosing and that's what you need to focus on.


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