Not Losing !!!!


S: 11st1.0lb C: 11st1.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Started back at slimming world on Jan 4th after having couple of weeks off over xmas. Problem is that although I have been following the plan to the letter i have not lost any weight for the past couple of weeks and am starting to get really disheartened. I have mainly red & green days with the occasional ee thrown in and have 10-15 syns a day. Any one having the same problem and any idea why? Lost a stone before xmas really easily on the plan but this time feels really like hard work and am starting to feel like giving up.:confused:
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May I suggest posting a few of your food diaries on here so we can have a look for you? Please don't give up as you'll regret it for sure. My consultant usually suggests sticking to around 10 syns a day. Are you weighing and measuring things correctly as this is important because estimating can often lead to sabotage! Fingers crossed for a good weight loss for you on your next weigh in. :wavey:
I know just how you are feeling got the same trouble myself. Lost 3lbs and stayed the same for the last 2 weeks, and getting real fedup !!! I have decided just to do the red plan this week, to see if it makes a difference. Keeping my fingers crossed for my Wed weigh in. Felt really depressed last week, everyone else seems to be losing, and cheating at the same time, and I have not cheated.:cry::cry::cry:


S: 11st1.0lb C: 11st1.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Have been measuring everything, in fact been a bit obsessive about it to be honest, which is why i cant understand why im not losing. Oh well will keep at it and keep my fingers crossed for next week.


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I'm having same problem. No loss for 2 weeks now, been very good and going to the gym, and when not gym days doing WII. Just can't seem to get out of the 13stones!

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Youve probably just hit a little "weight loss plateau", its just your body adjusting to the new way and amount of food that youre eating, Ive had the same in the past and just wanted to say, dont despair, the advice i recieved was to up my excercise a little and to UP my portions of free food ( I know, sounds odd) so the body dosnt think that it needs to cling on to everything youre eating! you should see the weight start to come off again - aparently its all to do with tricking the metabolsim when you reach a weight loss plateau! I hope this helps! It did for me, i stayed the same weight for 2 weeks, did what was advised then it just started coming off again without any major changes to what i was doing!
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Same thing happened to me when I did the plan before and what I did was had 5 small meals a day instead of 3 larger meals. Still keeping to plan and my syns, and I lost 4 Ib's the following week, very similar to what care bear is suggesting basically. I was doing red-green-red-green etc Some days I felt like I was trully stuffing myself, but I was shocked to find I lost 4 Ib's.