Step 1 Sole Source Not many guys doing this, so here we go.

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  1. sleiper

    sleiper Member

    Began on the 2nd of January 2012, my wife and I are planning on sticking at this for 5 months, sole source for 12 weeks and building up though the stages.

    I started on the 2nd at 21st 10.4lbs (138Kg), my first weigh in is tomorrow, but I have been keeping a daily total (I'm not one to be put off by that sort of thing) and I am now 21st 1.4lbs (134Kg)

    Week 0: 21st 1.4lbs
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  3. sleiper

    sleiper Member

    Also, i found the shakes so much easier to make when I chuck the water and powder into my Kenwood Smoothie 2go machine, I can drink them straight from the cup and I blitz them for about 30 seconds and the air adds about 30% of the volume to them, I also chuck in ice cubes for my evening shake and its just like a milkshake.

    I can't see myself having much problem with this diet, its easy, the shakes taste great, love the soup (choc Orange and Spicey Oriental please) and now the first few days are over and I am back to work, I don't feel hungry anymore.
  4. lippy

    lippy Full Member

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    hey good luck to you and your wife...let us know how your official weigh in goes....fingers crossed!!
  5. sleiper

    sleiper Member

    Official week 1 weigh in was 21st 1.2lbs. Officially a 7lbs loss but I was weighed before christmas and I ate myself silly between then and the 2nd Jan, so I started 2 lbs heavier than that really.

    Next week should show a more accurate figure, even though I know it will slow down a bit after the first water loss
  6. nmninos

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    Hope u get a great loss. Let us know how u do.

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