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Not really related to lipotrim as such.

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I am absolutely panicking about tomorrow. I'm currently studying for a law degree with the Open University with the final exam from my 1st compulsary block (i've already done the 2 free choices which didn't have exams) tomorrow and i am absolutely pooping myself about it i'm so worried i could cry :cry:

I'm convinced i'm going to fail - essays i can handle but i just go to pieces in exams and go completely blank. I'm hoping to god that there's problem questions as i think i might stand a chance.

I need 40% to pass which i'm praying i can get. At least if i fail it'll give me until april to revise for the resits. :(

Ah well please all wish me luck as i desperatly need some sort of help. lol
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Good luck! try not to worry, everything will be fine.
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awww good luck. You will do great. sending you big squishy hugs.


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Good luck, I'm sure that you have prepared thoroughly so this is just pre-exam nerves......I've got 3 professional diplomas in financial subjects and I know exactly what you mean, take lots of deep breaths and before you know it you'll be outta there ! Xxxx
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Hi caffsean

Hell, I know what you mean. I can face anything in life...and trust me I have, but exam nerves are the most frightening!!
But that's just it, a frightened feeling. Get there, do your best, a bit of adrenaline always helps the motivation, and I'm sure you'll do fine.
Good luck :fingerscrossed:
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Thank you all for the well wishes. I've done it now, it was 10am to 1pm i was there until 12.30 so fingers crossed it'll be enough i answered what i felt comfortable with (or at least what i thought i knew). I get the results on 19th December so that'll be a nice xmas prezzie! lol

Thanks again everyone it's nice to know that people care. :)


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Course we care. I hope that you get good results... I did a Diploma in Fund Administration earlier this year and had to write a paper on how to set up a hedge fund in the Cayman Islands:eek: unbelievably I passed but I wouldn't have a clue if I sat it again today!

What are you going to do after you graduate? Change of career? Sorry being nosey cos I'm contemplating one myself at 50!
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Well done Cath.. I bet you have done really well... Good luck with the results hun x x x
Well done Cath, I did the same exam a few years ago. I felt sick with worry until I got in there and then I got distracted by getting on with the exam lol The build up is always the worst part for me xx

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