Not really wanting to weigh...?


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Hello, I'm new here. I haven't joined slimming world officially and am doing it from home with my books.

My issue is that I don't particularly want to weigh myself every week... mainly because on the few "diets" I've been on before, I've found the weighing myself part always affects me negatively - if I've lost a bit, I get very excited and happy but then if the loss isn't as much next time I automatically assume I've done something wrong.

I also have issues with scales - I don't like the way that if I put my scales in different rooms in the house they read something different! It makes me not trust them! Haha.

So, I weighed myself at the start of my diet so I would know how much I've lost eventually, but I don't really want to weigh myself every week - I'm more inclined to not bother weighing until I feel different in myself... but I'm open to having my mind changed if you guys think it's best to sticking to the weekly weigh-ins? It may be easier with this forum which from what I've seen so far is VERY supportive.

Any thoughts?
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Hi You should put your scales in one place and leave them there, everyone is different but it spurs me on getting weighed every week, i could not miss the weigh in as i would be wondering if i had lost or not,also if you are not sure if your scales accurate then you could try getting weighed in boots i believe their scales are very good good luck lol x


I agree with boofle, i think getting weighed each week helps you to see how you're getting on and if you do put on, you can nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand. But everyone is different. Maybe try every 2 weeks and see how you feel then? x
Hi there, I totally understand what you are saying but at the same time, it can be really useful to weigh-in weekly as if you are having a stall in weight loss you can examine what youa re doing and make adjustments if necessary! Good luck