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Not shiffting

Hi all, well today is weigh in for me and the scales are showing that i am going up instead of down. I have been sticking to the diet 100% over this last week and am so disheartened today as the scales are incresing in numbers :(

I was on cambridge for a week the previous week and started SW last monday. I was hoping that even though i done a week of the cambridge that i would loose a pound or two and then a better lost next week.

I dont want to go to weigh in if i have gained weight. I do hope the gain stops and i do begin to loose soon
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I may be wrong, but I have read that some people who have done Cambridge prior to SW put on when they start due to the huge difference in eating plans.
Just hang in there SW is great and if you stick to plan you can only lose weight. The amount one loses varies from person to person but there will be losses.

Good luck!


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It's probably your body readjusting after Cambridge. Don't be disheartened, it'll sort itself out and you'll start losing again, and it's much easier with proper food.


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After the starvation of CD your body is conserving everything it can get it's hands on! (so's to speak!) Don't worry, this is only to be expected and by next week it will have realised everythings ok and the weight will come off.
Trying to stay positive but just feel like i have messed up my progress
It's absolutely not messing up your progress! It's just your body adjusting. You couldn't have stayed on Cambridge for the rest of your life...but you can eat the SW for ever, get slim and stay slim. Try not to focus on the numbers on the scales.
SW does work, you just need to honestly stick with it. Don't cheat, keep your food diary and sure enough your numbers will start going down again. Give it time.

Thank you everyone after thinking about it you are all so right! I expected a gain but it is just so disheartening to see it go up! i will continue and i am off to group tonight:)