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Not so newbie :(


I am back again....Let me introduce myself. As Almost none of you will rememeber me.

My name is Kerry and i done LT last year and lost an increadable amount of weight. Just over 4 Stone!

In October I fell very ill with gallstones and pancreatitis. Consequently i stopped LT with intention of finishing once i got better. so got better, thought i could go it alone. Silly me, just went back to my old ways.

So here i am almost a year since i stopped and only 8lb short of when i first started! :eek:

Now on day 3 and loving it, no hunger and full of energy.

but i need to say this.....

I have learned a very valuable lesson. So many people said to me that losing the weight it the easy bit...keeping it off is harder. hmmmm yeah kinda true.

I know what i should have done, and i didn't and its all my own fault.

first time around Minimins played a major part in my success, and i know i couldn't do it again without the amazing support of every one on the forum.

So thats me and my very long intro....i look forward to chatting and getting to know everyone.
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OH i forgot my old tracker was still on....I leave it a while for people to view. And start a fresh one on Friday, as i have an early weigh in.
Hi and welcome bk, i think i remember you.. im bk too.. although i didn't do as well as u did first time round (24lb.. needless to say, thats back too). Hopefully this will have taught us a wee lesson and we'll keep it off for good.
Hi guys! Like you I've lost weight only to put it back on again, albeit slowly....let that be a lesson to us, I usually manage to lose a couple of stone quite easily, find that I look ok(ish) and then lose momentum before I lose the rest! I keep telling myself that if I got down to my goal weight that I would be so thrilled to be slim again that I'd never put it back on.......but I haven't been at my goal weight since 2004! Better luck this time eh?
I'd say i'm in a completely different mind frame than i was the other time(s) so i'm confident this will be it for me, somehow I didn't feel that last time.. i suppose it's easier looking back now saying.. if I had of kept going I could have lost 5stone by now etc. etc. ... lesson learnt!
Yes a very BIG, HUGE lesson learned. And i feel the same missy. I look back and think I spent all that money and put myself through hell to lose it only to put it back on again.

I know i had things going on at the time, and it was important to get my health on track. But really i knew better than to back down that bad bad road.

Ho hum oh well no time for regrets onwards and upwards.....or should that be downwards!! oh well you know what i mean :D
I remember you! Welcome back! I've put on some of the weight I lost last year too....:( but I'm feeling good about about my chances of staying on the straight and narrow after this last AND FINAL attempt as I think I've learned my lesson. Good luck with your losses :)

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