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Not sure I can do this much longer.....

....I am so cold:( and have been since starting this 11 days ago. I have tea & coffee and have tried my shakes warm (yuk!) I am miserable as am cold all day long even though I have wrapped up as much as I can at work with out looking too daft! - anyone else suffering the same?
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her fingersx, you have done great so far. Why dont you try going up a stage in the cambridge plan, maybe a hot meal each day will help give you a boost. You could make a little meal up at home and take it into work to microwave it? I love my slowcooker too - you can just throw a pile of chicken in with some herbs, peppers, mushrooms & tomatoes and everything tastes so great and it might help to get you through the cambridge cold days.


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I am here, vest , fleece , thermal leggings , trousers and walking socks. I am indoors and heating is on. I have a wheatie which i warm up in microwave. I also have a hot water bottle. None of this is helping with my permanently cold nose, my labradors noses are warmer than mine!

To add to this discomfort , my kidneys are aching and I have had a muzzy head for 2 weeks. So , i am with you , assessing if i can carry on. I am on week 3 and have lost 14lb not ready to stop yet , need to lose another 7lbs or so.

Decisions , decisions. Inspiration welcome , but hurry up lol


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oh dear both, warm up soon x


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Being cold is GOOD!!! Its a sign that you are in ketosis and the diet is working, so try to look at it positively! I too am sat here wrapped up with the heating on, but I am picturing me as slim and on a nice warm beach! Its the cold feet at night that I struggle with and I have to wear bed socks. Thank goodness my partner is living away for now!
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it's part of the diet being cold. being in ketosis will make you feel very cold. i started both times in february and was freezing cold both times. you learn to put more clothes on and to have hot teas and coffees. i personally don't like hot sweet shakes so had lots of soup, no porridge around last time.

it will pass as you will get used to it and just think... the thinner you are the colder you will be when you've lost your weight.
thanks all for the support, I have had a SS+ meal tonight (tuna, mushrooms & cucumber) and that seems to have helped. I am well wrapped up and the heating is on!
brrrrr :p


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Today i walked around the waterfalls at Ingleton, quite a strenuous walk. The sun was shining with a cool breeze. People were in their t shirts and vests- oh no not me. Thermal leggings, walking trousers, vest , thermal top, hoody and coat (couldn't find my gloves) I think people thought i was a nutter. I had to peel off like an onion before my shower. I can't remember the last time i actually broke into a sweat.


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I agree with Big Birdy, cold is good - in a sick way I kind of enjoy it as I know it's working and makes me stick with it. It doesn't help I'm sure but I have done 3 months only eating 1 flavour - chocolate shake! I mix it with 1/4 tsp summer berry flavouring and a tiny bit of water so it is like a paste. And I have to have 4 a day. I think I must be mad ;)


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I'm freezing too!! Sitting here with the fire and heating on, thick woolly socks, fleecey jumper and I'm still cold. The first time I did CD I did it for two weeks while I was in Florida.... everyone else was sweating and overheating and I was just right.

The cold does irritate me sometimes, at work one of the rooms has to be kept cold because of the equipment, I find it unbearable in there. And I'm sick of having a permanently runny because of the cold. I also find that getting into a hottish bath is painful on my cold feet and hands. BUT like others have said, for me the cold is a small price to pay for getting thin.
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I felt the same way this week too. But after I got weighed this morning and lost 10lbs I thought. I'm gona keep going. It's hard but you get good results. Good luck. :)

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