Not sure if I should be continuing .. warning TMI!


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I'm on day 3 of Lipotrim, and have just had quite a bad bout of diarrhoea, it was literally about 90% water ! I've still been going to the loo loads from all the extra water I've been drinking as I figure even normal advice when not on a diet is to keep your fluids up.

Just before I started Lipotrim I had a little bit of trouble there, but nothing like this before :eek: Wondering if I should stop and take myself off to the GP, at worst I can ring the pharmacy I suppose and ask their advice.

Has anyone else ever had this happen ? I did CD before, and didnt have this problem at all, I had the other way ! :eek:
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Oh dear poor you. I would see how you go for the next few hours and if you are still in the same way then maybe go to the Dr. You might have just been unlucky and got a bit of infection. Hopefully it will pass very soon.


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yeah i agree it could be to do with having a bug or something and it should pass. poor poor you it must be so awful and uncomfortable. i think your best bet is to try and keep your fluid intake up,, i no i no even if it makes you keep running to the toilet.. then maybe if it hasnt passed in a few hours ring the pharmacist. try your best to not come off lt i know it will be hard. otherwise if it continues ring the doctor and see what he says...
hope you get better soon you poor thing.....*hugs* x


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hi that happens me, the 1st week i started last time and this time but after a few days i go the other way! and when i'm not on lt i am very regular twice a day i would give it another few days if it was me but c how u feel


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I would give your pharmacy a ring to see what they say.
But i have read that some people either get constipated or go the other way like you.

If you feel fine in yourself other then the toilet issue then i dont see why you should stop. If you are really worried then there is no harm in seeing your doctor.


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In myself I feel absolutely fine, a little lethargic but put that down to just typically being on day 3 and I feel so proud of myself (silly I know) that I have done this so far, as I always remembered the first day when I did CD and thinking 'OMFG - I'm SO hungry!'

Not easy either when I'm weaning my baby and have had to cut up some toast and all this really nice delicious food that I'm cooking up for her and feeding her. It's to hard not to take a quick teaspoon of it !

Will see how I am over the next 24 hours, but will ring pharmacist in a few hours if I'm still not right. Kinda reassuring though that a few people have gone the other way before though !

Thanks for replies :)


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Hang in there kate, you can do it! Getting to day 3 IS a big thing, you'll be in ketosis any day now.

I know what you mean about cooking for your little one. It doesnt help when they dont eat all the breakfast/lunch/dinner and you spend the next half an hour just looking at it going through the pros and cons of eating it!!..well..thats what i do anyway.

But your doing brilliant and i hope toilet thing soon passes!


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Yes it happens to me i wouldn't worry too much, give a few more days.


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Hey there Kate,

The same thing happened to me on day 2 or 3, cannot remember. Big bout of diarrhoea too. It happened only once and I never had any problems since.

At the time I thought it must be my body cleansing/purging itself to get rid of all the crap I had eaten for years.

I'm starting week 2 now and everything is ok 'down there'.

Hang in there for another week maybe and see what happens. Obviously, I would advise to talk to your GP asap if the diarrhoea were to continue but it might be just like me, once and no more!

Keep us posted,


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Not happened to me but just see how you get on the next few the end of the day your health is more important, so just play by ear.

You are doing so well and yes, would be such a shame for you to have to come off it, but just keep an open mind! No point making yourself really, really need all the strength, etc if you have a little one.

Let us know how you are and hopefully like the others say, it will pass and you will be as right as rain soon!

Take care


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It hasnt happened to me

But I agree with everyone.. hang in there and see how it works out!

I think that your body will go through so differences when getting used to the diet and i think your body will soon sort itself out when it adapts!


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I'm new here so can't really offer any advice, but just wanted to say hang in there, the folks on this forum are great, and you'll get there,



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I hope you can continue. It would be a shame to come off it. I was a bit like that the 1st day I think your body is just adjusting. Just take care of yourself and monitor the situation and of course the chemist can advise you as well as the doctor.