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Not sure if I should start doing SS+ with milk? because of my hair!


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I'm going to speak to my CDC about this but I wondered if I could people's thoughts...

I've been doing CD SS now for 7 months, 3 shakes a day and an AAMW every 5th week.

My hair likes to fall out on a regular basis but nothing that has worried me too much because I have lots of it. :p

However, I was starting to think about the SS+ programme and why CD have introduced the milk. Is this for the calcium? Would it be a good thing to go on for people who have had a problem with losing hair? And how many calories are in the skimmed milk part?

My weight loss is slowing down and I dont know why. I'm not going to give up but I'm looking at other ideas. I dont want to introduce food and wont be doing any plans that have food in it.

Anyone have any thoughts? :D
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hey lilly pop ive been through the whole hair loss thing 3 weeks after stoping cd it starting coming out but as soon as u no its coming out its growing back have loads of short hairs every where if you ahve really thick hair to start with i doubt you will even see a difference on your head to be honest i have really thin hair :( you done so well with your weight loss what comes out ( if it does ) ( dosent happen to everyone) will grow back almost instantly so your only problem will be 20 % of your hair .. which will grow any way :) xxxxx dont no about teh plans hun but i did ss+ every day on my weight loss eccept first week and still lost hair so i guess if its going to happen its going too xxxxxxxxxx


now got pictures in album
S: 23st4lb G: 10st4lb
thanks night night you are right, if it's going to happen it will!! :p


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try not to worry about it all too much, as stress prob makes it worse.
my hair is falling out too, but it`s better than being fat, especially in winter as i can wear a lovely hat.........lol


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Hi sorry no good news coming ,I did ss for 6 months and when i finished and started up the plans approx 3rd week my hair started to fall out .Didnt become bald but from having really thick hair you could see my scalp ,6 months later my hair is slowly thickening up and is looking healthier but it has been quite distressing ,all the "I told you so peeps "have been happy to point out that it is down to my vlcd well done them they are right .
But for all it has been very upsetting NOT everyone will have the same amount of hair loss and well I personaly would rather be bald for 6 months than seriously ill from been obese or DEAD .I think you can get vitamins and minerals that help maintain your hair but dont know how much they help and think they cost a bit .
So while thinking is it worth it yes it is I am healthy full of energy able to enjoy my grandkids and am eager to get out and about to see the world .And its quite trendy to wear head wear this time of year .its a few months out of the rest of your life xx
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This is something I really worry about, I want to be slim but I dont want to lose my hair in the process.
Has anyone ever gone bald doing CD
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Don't panic girls, it's just the hair follicle going into a resting phase as your body conserves energy due to low cals.;) I wish someone had told me that after 3 months on LL when my hair was coming out in clumps! :giggle:


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Hi all,

On the other side of the coin I have done CD and LL and never lost any hair, that is not to say I won't this time though and would love more information on it.

Any CDC out there, what can we do to prevent it or to encourage hair growth if it is thining, I know Kelp supplimets are good for this, will they take you out of ketosis though????

Sarah xx

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