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Not sure where to post but would like advice please?


Crawling to the finish!
Ok heres my story in short. Im 22. Highest weight 13 stone 11lbs, lost 4 stone before my wedding using lipotrim/weight watchers.... gained 3 stone back within 6 months, just cant seem to move the scales in the right way. I stuck to PP's system 100% and averaged 10k steps per day last week and STS. Its very disheartening and frustrating. Im considering a gastric band. I am happy at around 9 1/2 stone as far as I can remember. I have undergone surgery before, and its not a problem paying for the band but is this too extreme? I cant spend my life so unhappy in my own skin, its taking over everything i live for. Sorry to sound so desperate!:confused:
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stick to it luv. Wait a few weeks... I'm sure that already from next week the weight will start shifting if you follow PP the right way. Don't eat too many fruit, try to keep yourself to 3 or 4 portions a day. Eat more proteins and less carbs, but still eat carbs because they're important! Keep on exercising... and you will see. Maybe your body this week needed to have a moment to take the hit :)Next week it might be better! xx


Crawling to the finish!
thank you for your reply. Feel like im going to spend my life on a diet! Hopefully monday will be better for me.... xx
thank you for your reply. Feel like im going to spend my life on a diet! Hopefully monday will be better for me.... xx
I know the feeling... but remember that "diet" is a word that comes from Ancient Greek and means "nutrition". You're always on a diet for your whole life, but it can be a fattening diet or a slimming diet or a maintenance diet... always a diet it is ;)

You will probably need to take some time to slim down and then keep on being on a maintenance diet for the rest of your life. But with Weight Watchers I don't feel I'm on a slimming diet AT ALL and I don't mind counting the points! It's fun and I can eat anything I want so it doesn't bother me :) but I keep control, which I find VERY important :)
You should maybe not see it as a diet, see it as just changing your eating habits, it's worked for me, I haven't had a "piggy" day the way I would have this time last year since I joined in Feb.

Some people at my group were really upset they hadn't lost weight this week but I have a feeling they will do really well next week... our bodies are funny things and don't seem to learn hen our weigh in... which is a pain haha.

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