Not sure where to post this - CLARINS PRODUCT


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I am not sure where to post this............I have discovered a miracle cream.

Its the new Clarins Super Restorative Redefining Body Care,

the body’s shape is streamlined, the abdomen refined, the waistline better defined. Your skin will feel transformed, as if gently ‘lifted’.

All I can say is the skin on my stomach looks so much better and I have been using it every second day since last Friday (a week).

I am in no way associated with Clarins ( I am a Civil Servant)

But had to share this. Its very expensive........but maybe as a Santa pressie. I know I hope another bottle is in my stocking.


How much is "very expensive" betty? God only knows my body needs a lift lol
Hi Bettyboo,

Very good, that is great your finding it helpful.

Do you use much and how long would a jar of it last?

I use Nivea Q 10 and I slap it on and sometimes a little bit of bio oil and I like the smell of Dove Firming Gel-Cream, this is what I have been using and my skin is excellent, tip wood.

Love Mini xxx
Its 61 euro for a tube.......eek.............

Edited to add...........the jar is actually a face cream.

The full name of this product is super restorative redefining cream for abdomen and waist !!!! Its in a Red tube........

Mini that sounds good as well. Must try that when I run out of the Clarins and am cutting back in January !