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Not sure which diet to choose


Chronic dieter!!!
Hi everyone!
I'm new to MiniMins but old to dieting and have always relied on WW to get me to shed the excess weight - but have never quite made it to goal. I have 8 weeks now before i go away to Australia and it would be so amazing if i could be within my healthy weight range by then. At first i thought that losing so much weight in only 8 weeks was an impossible dream but having read a few threads on here it seems that some of you have managed to lose a stone or more a month which is exactly what i need to do (i'm 13st 4lb now and want to be no more than 10st 10lb which is the upper limit of my healthy weight range). If you have been able to lose that much weight in such a short time can you tell me what you did, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Hiya the fastest weight loss,s are usually achieved with total food replacements such as lipotrim. PPl are losing like a stone in 2 weeks. Thats what i opted for cos i want a fast weight loss to get rid of baby weight gain. Its easy too once you get past 1st few days and into ketosis. Obv the choice is yours hun, and welcome to the forum, lots of help and support here xxx


Chronic dieter!!!
Thanks Janie that's really useful. I think my concerns are that i'm lactose intolerant so i wont be able to have many of the meal replacements and i tried one of my friends soups from the Cambridge diet and almost gagged on it, it was so lumpy and awful, are the Lipotrim ones like the Cambridge? I tried to find out about lactose free options on the Lipotrim but the website wasn't very informative about the products.... Can anyone give me any advice? Would be great to hear from someone who also doesn't consume dairy products who has been on a meal replacement diet :)
i gagged on the lipotrim soup lol, i live on the shakes, they are just made up with water, i think lipotrim have a helpline number too may be better to ring them, but yeah the lipo soup, erghh it was like sawdust but worse lol xx
it costs me £35 a week which to me is ok cos id spend more than that on food. I was gonna go lighter life but that was over £60 a week. I tried healthy eating and that and i lost 8lbs and then stuck at same weight so i just need a boost. Not planning to be on for longer than a month to be honest, its just right now i weigh more than i ever have and doing the heatlhy eating will be fine once ive shed a stone or so, just feel embarrased when seeing old friends etc x


Chronic dieter!!!
Same here, this is the heaviest i have ever been and i really didn't want to go home to Australia weighing so much - same thing with seeing friends etc and feeling embarrassed that i've become so heavy since i was last there... Do you know anything about Xante? I went on their website and i thought their products looked really good... Its a shame Lipotrim don't show their products online, it would have been great to do a comparison.
I dont know much but theres an exante section on this forum Exante - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum which will prob have more info. Me, well im just too impatient and wanted it the day i decided. I liked the fact you could purchase through nhs chemists. Pop over to the exante forum and you,ll be able to read up on there etc. Keep in touch tho, let me know how you get on, what you choose etc, add me if you like, we are roughly the same weight etc xxx
Hello & welcome. :)

There's a few of us exante-dieters knocking around. I like it so far, and they've got some good offers on.

The website has ingredient lists for the products, go to "resources" on the menu and it's a pdf file in there.

Both shakes and soups contain skimmed milk powder so probably wouldn't be suitable for you though.


Chronic dieter!!!
Just got an email from Exante and they confirmed what you said Yam, all their products contain milk.... Never mind, will go to the chemist tomorrow and find out about Lipotrim! Thanks for the info though Yam :)

Janie, i'm a complete novice and not sure how to add you.... Could you add me instead or let me know how i can add you? Thanks! :)
new to dieting

Hi there,
I'm new to dieting myself and haven't tried the fast weight loss ones but. Like you, I'm looking for a new solution to get ready for my hols this Summer. A friend of mine has just started on Key2weight, which she says is great - much better than Lipotrim because of variety and quality of products. Also, she says it's dead reasonably priced
Lots of Luck,
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