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S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)

I have been thinking about starting the Lighter Life program recently maninly because over the last 2 years I have gained around 4 stone and I am so miserable. I have tried weight watchers and a low GI diet and although I have lost on them I seem to get fed up and fall back into bad habits. I am so unhappy with the way I look its all I think about from the minute I wake up to when I fall asleep at night. I hold pillows over my tummy because I hate it so much. I haven't spoken to the councilor yet I emailed her today to ask about meeting times etc. I just wondered if you guys could maybe tell me how hard they found the shakes etc? Do you just mix them up with water? Also do they taste really bad?

I am so desperate to get out off this awful rut and change my life around. Any advice or help would be wonderful.

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Hi emski,

The shakes are really not all that bad, there are some people that just cannot get on with them but I liked all of them.
Also its the best thing I have done ever for myself. I have lost 6 stone and could not begin to tell you how happy and content I am.

The first week can be tough for some but once that is out the way and you see how much you have lost it all gets better.

If I had to give you any advice it would be like the Nike advert "Just Do It"

Best of luck and let us know how you get on.
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lol - funny you said that Tange - as I was reading emzki's post, I was considering replying simply: "DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!" :D

Seriously Emzski -
Its a great diet - easiest thing I have ever done. 7.5 stone since January! WHere else could I do that AND learn why I eat the way I do, in that amount of time!

I like every flavour of shake. ANd soup. The bars about 50-50. But taste is not the most important thing. Losing the weight is. WHen you see how fast it comes off, pretty soon all the packs are going to be the sweetest tasting food you have had in years.

GOod luck! Go for it!! You will be done in ONLY 4 months if you stick to it!
Hi Emski,

I am currently on week 3 of LL and its the best thing I have done. I too felt the same as you about my weight. I hated looking in the mirror and would get very upset about it. I have since lost 13lbs in 2 weeks (8.5 lbs in wk1 & 4.5 wk2) and feel fantastic. I have a further 4 stone to lose and the knowing that I am going to be slim by the end of the year makes me ecstatiac.

I really like all the milkshakes they offer but was not to keen on the soups but everybody is different (some folk in my group love both and others only like the soup). You just mix the shakes and soups with a little water to make them. Also, from wk 2 onwards you can have one of the bars if you wish.

I found that the first couple of days were hard and my 3rd day I didn't feel too good (bad taste in my mouth & dizzy) but that was just my body detoxing and going into ketosis. The day after (& everyday since) I felt great.

You should (as tange put it) "Just Do It".

Keep us informed. Good luck!

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S: 13st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st4lb(16.49%)

Thanks you guys, oh I just wanna get started on it now!! If I don't get an email from the lady by Monday ill phone her then. Its something I really want to do and I keep thinking by Christmas I will be so much slimmer and happier. I'm glad I found this forum and Ill let you know how I get on when I speak to the councilor.

All of you are such an inspiration. Thanks

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