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NotSoMuch's troughing tales - am i doing it right?

Tuesday 17th feb

working nights!
red day

lean ham from the fridge before bed in the morning

Veg soup made with carrots, swede, leek, celery and vecon

one can of tuna in spring water

5 sticks of celery

one carrot

2 apples

3 cooked beetroot

HEX A 350mls skimmed milk
Hex A 5 laughing cow light

Hex B 2 alpin light bars
Hex B 6 wholemeal crakerbread

1 shape lasting satisfaction yogurt

robinsons no added sugar squash
1 can diet coke

2 asda jaffa cakes (2 syns each)

total syns for the day 4
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This doesn't look much at all hun! I know it's difficult when you are on nights but I would try to get more free food in there, don't make the mistake of trying to cut down further and further because you've hit a plateau, this will have the opposite effect of what you want and will cause your metabolism to slow down therefore your weight will stick even more.
wed 18th feb

Hex A 350mls skimmed milk
Hex A 3 mini babybel light

HeX B 2 weetabix
Hex B 2 Alpen light bars

Syns - 5 Carr's cheese melts @ 1 syn each total 5 syns

Sliced honey roast ham

Poached smoked haddock
Brussels sprouts stir fired in fry light with lean bacon and spring onions
1 boiled egg

2 apples

1 shape lasting satisfaction yogurt
thursday 19th feb

night shift again. too much too do during the day, no time to prepare a meal so it was a plastic food day!

Hex A 350 mls skimmed milk
Hex A 3 mini babybel light

Hex B 2 slices nimble malted wholegrain bread
Hex B 2 alpen light bars

Mushroom and wine pasta 'n' sauce

2 apples
lots of water
robinson's no added sugar squash

2 handfulls of popcorn at the cinema with the kidlette

i don't have this kind of plastic food day often. i feel yucky when i do!
can you have a look and comment, please?

saturday 28th feb - red day

big salad with lettuce, spinach, celery, red pepper, spring onion, radishes and mushrooms
250g prawns
3 lean smoked bacon medallions trimmed of all visible fat
3 level tbsp helmans extra light mayo 3 syns
1 level tbsp tomato ketchup 1 syn
4 generous spoons of Tesco light choices cottage cheese with pineapple
2 morrison's <3% fat sausages
1 shape lasting satisfaction yogurt
1 apple
1 egg, scrambled

Hex A 350 mls skimmed milk
Hex A 2 mini babybel emmental cheese
Hex B 2 alpen light bars
Hex B 2 slices of malted wholegrain bread.

1 can of diet coke
robinson's no added sugar juice made up as directed
Hot water with lemon and ginger
tea and coffe

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