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Now Slim


soon to be skinny minnie
hi everyone, does any of you know what this is like. I was clearing out my medical cupboard (well where i keep all kids medicine etc) and i found hoodia, pink patches, lipobind, adios and a trial size of nowslim. I have tried everything apart from the nowslim day and night. Needless to say none of them have worked for me which is why they are still in cupboard half used. Do nowslim work??
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Ive not heard of it either Hun!
Is it still in date? Why would you want to take it now when you are doing so well on SW?
Betty! You and your pills! Step away. They are probably out of date anyway...


soon to be skinny minnie
Ha lol, it is in date. Mrs v i have been doing shockingly on sw at the moment but i know it isn't the diet it is me. I am going to add up the contents of this cupboard and see how much money i have wasted.
if it worked do you not think every overweight person in the world would be having them? lol. try and stick with sw hun, pills are a waist of time and your health!!


soon to be skinny minnie
:eek:Hoodia £40
Lipobind £24.99
Adios £9.99
Pink Patches £35 (but have 2 boxes) £70
Nowslim trial £5.95

I have almost £150 worth of unused slimming products in my cupboard.:eek:
now slim works, but dont take if ur allergic to shell fish i took them n i was being sick n shaking and found out i was allergic to shell fish, my partner takes them ,they give you loadsa energy, have a weird taste if u burp,lol. and he lost 3 stone on them in 4months,they sell them on ebay for a months worth
Get rid of them...none of them work really...I found out rather quickly that I was allergic to plasters thanks to some rather nasty patches that were supposed to take away my hunger...rubbish! Instead I end up with rectangular shaped blister marks on both arms and thighs that burn and Im still starving....and.....they cost me £50!
The price that we pay in order to loose weight is ridiculous!
How are you doing now Hun anyway??


soon to be skinny minnie
I threw out the contents of my slimming cupboard lol i have wasted hundreds of pounds. I even once (when i wasn't that much over weight) spent £75 for one weeks worth of chinese herbal pills and tea out of one of those chinese herbalists, the smell of it was so bad i couldn't even take it and wasted all that money. Lol it was 7 bags of bark or something.

I have been so desperate in the past that i would have tried anything. However after a good long talk with my mum she made me see sense. I don't care how slow the weight comes off, i am going to try and be patient. I have done ok the last couple of weeks on EE so will just continue on that. Lol the only slimming pill i havent tried is orlistat for obvious reasons x
what makes me laugh is most of these pills tell you to take them in conjuction with 'a calorie controlled diet', that's the bit that works, not the pills!!!!
i think that chinese tea is supposed to be so rank you drink it, it makes you feel ill then you cant eat, thus loosing weight!

You will be able to sell all those bits and pieces on ebay betty, even if they are opened x
Well done Betty! I think that's such a positive step for you. Hooray!!! Keep up the good work :) xx

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