Now that i identified the problem, then what?


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Hello everyone

Ever since i was young, my parents used to hide food from me or chastise me for eating too much. Bless them, they used to be supportive but i think it backfired on them. How you say? Well, I used to eat behind their back, when no one is looking, when i am out and about. I continued this till i reached 23stones. My family were gobsmacked how i could gain all this weight whilst i dont eat anything (according to them, they never see me eating). They even sent to doctor to get my thyroid glands checked and other blood tests. It all came back healthy except my cholestrol.

I got married and i still continued to eat when no one is looking. My husband is sweet and would never say that i became fat. So why do i still raid the fridge the minute he leaves home. Why do i order massive takeway when my bosses are on holiday at work. My bosses are aware of my weight struggles and are supportive. SO i hide from all the junk i eat. Now i am at an age where no one tells me to do anything like my parent used to, but i still hide to eat.

SO now that i know the problem, how can i do something about it?

My immediate problem is this friday. My bosses are leaving me at work all by myself and i am already thinking of sabotaging my diet. How can i break this cycle?
Eating in secret is a well known problem. I do it myself. If fact, all my binges are always alone.

I suggest you get yourself off to Divas room ( Bring your Head Inside and your Body will Follow) here

If nothing else, you'll see that you're no alone!
I've also found this website.., you have to sign up though. I signed up to it and I have to say its really helping me and I think its one of the reason why I'm finding CD really easy to stick to this time. I'm finding it easier to say no and really think if I get any urge to sabotage myself.. and to be honest I haven't had any urge to sabotage my diet.
Hi jfc,

I feel the first step is to talk about and to identify where it started and I am a great believer in looking for help and finding what works for you.

That link that Zareena gave looks very interesting. If you follow it up, be sure to let us know what you think.

Love Mini xxx
You are definately not alone - I have been known to hide in the under stairs cupboard when I want to binge!!

I have now put up a picture of me at my thinnest - it reminds me of where i want to be. I also started coming on the internet and chatting when i felt like this - It is just breaking the cycle and getting out of the habit thats hard!