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my oh is sort of following the plan with me, and when i read out "nutella" he jumped up and got all excited:rolleyes:
hate the stuff myself, he likes it thick on bread or croissant.
thats ok, he hates coke, so we compliment each other very well....


4 per level tablespoon, and if you wanna make it go futher for less syn then mix it with a syn free yogurt and sweetner or quark and sweetner Mmmmm yumyum. hope that helps you :)
Totally agree with Furrymonster its lovely and my saving grace at the mo. I have it on crispbreads or scan brans for my snack or sweet craves.

Phil x


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Thankyou both that did help :)

I succumbed in the end, but hopefully, according to what you've said I haven't gone over. Yay!


Slow but sure....
Furry what a great idea, I shall mix nutella into my fat free yoghurt in future when I feel a chocolate 'urge' coming on, lovely.....

Phil, thanks that will make the plaster board - sorry Scan Bran go down better, LOL..


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:O Not Nutella!! I have banned it from my house.....it is my weakness! lol

When the adverts come on my daughter sits and says how disgusting it is and how would anyone want to eat it!! lol I know however that she actually loves it! She's such a supportive munchkin :D

K xx

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