Nutrition course for those interested


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As a CDC I have just enrolled on an OU course in Nutrition to understand more about how fats, carbs and proteins interact in the body and hopefully allow me to understand more to answer clients questions.

Anyway it is £115 for the course and is home study but does count towards a degree and other qualifications.

If any other CDC's or saying that anyone fancies doing it as well it starts at the end of February and thought it might be nice to work through it with others.

Anyway more details at

Understanding Human Nutrition - Open University course

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Brill idea, Mike!! Just briefly had a look and liked the idea so I'll have a closer shuftie later on. I think this would be invaluable and may well do it - even though I HATE studying!! (not usual for an ex-teacher LOL!)



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Yeah I hate studying too lol, but when I spoke to them they said the course was actually really interesting and apart from some chemistry bits around amino's which apparently is a very short section it shouldn't be too taxing.



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Am deffo going to have a good hard think about this - it would be brilliant to be able to explain stuff to clients with more knowledge and understanding than I currently have!



But the chemistry is the best bit ;)

I have three different qualifications in nutrition and it really does help when answering clients' questions - it's well worth doing if it interests you, plus it gives you a different perspective on your own nutrition. Two of my qualifications are related to nutrition in fitness and sport so I have that extra angle as well :)


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I'm going to take a look too ... quite like the sound of it - especially when you said not too taxing!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

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Thanks for posting that link Mike, I'm signing up!!!

Although I'm not a councellor or anything, I am very interested in Nutirition - I'd love to be a Nutritionist but not willing to go to full time education again!!!!

I needed something to get my teeth into now that my wedding planning is over!!!

Thanks again Mike.

Gemx :D


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I got through my pack yesterday and looks really good. The assignment looks hard but not too hard (if that makes sense!)

I was reading the main book in bed last night and reading about complex carbs etc and was really fascinating.

If anyone fancies it I think you still have 2 weeks to sign up.



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if you are interested & feb is too soon, there is one starting in May (£115) & one in Sept (£130)