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Nutritional information - baked beans


Champion actifryer
Please could someone help me with the sugar content in a tin of baked beans (any make will do). To explain, I live in France and have managed to find a tin of baked beans in tomato sauce, but there is no added sugar in them and they are vile :sick0019:
According to the nutritional info on the tin, there is a sugar content of 2.4g per 100g. So I wondered if someone could tell me the sugar content of a tin of normal blighty beans, so I can work out & add the appropriate amount of sugar/sweetener.

Ta very much
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Nojo on the YoYo
it's a lot - around 4-6g per 100g. :/

I never eat baked beans or anything canned in tomato sauce, it's full of this crap, and salt too. I know they are a free food, but that's because they fill you up quickly.
so much sugar! yikes! i really depend on them for my superfree foods too as they're so handy


Nojo on the YoYo
it's only bad if you're not losing weight and not doing anything else wrong, eg naughty snacks. The first thing you should look at on SW if your losses slow is your convenience food consumption, because although they're a free food, one of the SW rules is to have low salt consumption - tinned beansies fullofit - like that advert says!
Thanks Vix you are always so helpful. I will make a concerted effort to cut back completely on the tinned beans. I'm losing weight but don't like the thought of all that salt.

Leapfrog I had a look at Branston Baked Beans and the sugar content is 5.9g per 100g and Heinz Beans are 5g of sugar per 100g.


Nojo on the YoYo
:D my pleasure. My OH looooooooves salt! Even though I season everything I cook he still adds loads of salt to it and i'm desperately trying to stop him doing it. I bought lo-salt which was more expensive and he started adding more because he said he couldn't taste it!

I'll get him to behave himself one day though!! :D


Champion actifryer
Thanks all. I used Speranza's suggestion as a guide, worked out the tin size, converted it to sugar and converted that to Splenda. It was about right sweetness-wise, but nowhere near as nice as Heinz or Branston.

By the way, I hardly ever do the convenience food thing, as we just can't get the brands here, or if we can, it's ridiculously expensive (2€ or about £1.50 :eek: ) for a tin of heinz baked beans But my OH who is French does love baked beans with his SW full English breakfast. With HP sauce :D

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