O bugger!!!1


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Just made OH same sandwiches with crisps and i had about 4 crisps Y i don't even like um!!!!!

And i had a chcolate this morning

I'm eating a bar now to stop myself from eating

HELP!!!!!!! don't want to be a be on a downward spiral !!!!!!

I know i won't give up because i'm doing this so we can start family i had a MC in May and think it was to do with my weight so wanna get slimmer before we have one!!!!

Everyday since Christmas something has passed my lips - how do i stop this - i am motivated but it jus keeps happening !!!

I am in Ketosis but feel hungry and wanna pick !!!!

Got about 3stone to lose seems so long away - just want to be able to eat a Normal Meal !!!!!

The good thing is i know where i went wrong puttin all this weight on - I hear you saying if you know where you went wrong Y are you eating crisps and a chocolate - But thats the thing i went wrong eating all that but i know once i lose this weight i will eat the good stuff - having a few crisps and a chocolate is not having a meal and so easy to do !!!!!

Give me some inspiration please XXXX:eek:
Hi Nicola,

If you're in ketosis but still hungry hun, are you drinking enough water to keep any pangs away?

Lacey x
Take a deeeeep breath and calm down!!

As Isis said, are you drinking enough water? If so are you SURE that this is proper tummy rumbling hunger and not just in your head hunger??

Seriously, keep water with you!! And if you are finding yourself nibbling when you are doing food for OH then tell him to get his own grub!!
Hi Girls

I drink around 5-6ltrs a day - i think it is in my head but it hard to establish waht's in ya head and whats real!!!!

Just had SIL round she doing SlimFast and doing really well - 5days in - but she us starving today

Thanks xx