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o er!?!?

o eck weigh day tomorrow morning.
although this week been good i have had chinese last sat which most of it was noodles and rice.....and i never ate half so much of it as i usually would have.then tues my mum bought up a mince pie with cream and i just couldent resist that then i had a moment of weakness and had to have the new cheesey bites from mc donalds.but on the days ive been good ive used more sins than usual and i probably havent eaten enough this week as i have been absoultley starving i expect i havent eaten much due to the wrong things ive eaten trying to compensate for that i suppose but cant believe how hungry ive been my stomach probably thinks my throats been cut lol.have been alternating days red/green must admit im struggling for luch /tea ideas.im sick of fruit and yougurt
even though i ate 2 or 3 wrong things this week im desperate to lose my 3lbs before christmas party...2 weeks time.
sorry to winge cos i know its only me that can do this but somtimes i do struggle and give in :0(
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It's a difficult time of year isn't it. I guess we all have good weeks and bad weeks but looking at your ticker, you seem to be doing well.

Hope it's not as bad as you think tomorrow and next week is better.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Fingers crossed for your mini target!

What things would you 'normally' have for dinner? There's usually a syn-free or very low syn receipe for everything, so let us know and we'll give you some ideas! Cna't have you bing hungry - you should fill up on free foods!
i know i prob dont eat enough free foods but theres only certain thigs i like .i do prefer green days and for dinner is usually 9 times out of 10 leek and potato soup.on the rare day i dont have that its usually pasta n sauce or savoury rice.ive got chilli for tea tonight b choice mince with loads of rice but usualy i have been trying a few new things but usually not too keen plus i try to cook the same for oh and my 4 kids

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Have you tried quorn? The mince absorbs the flavour of the spices in chilli so you'd never know the difference - and the whole family can eat it too (my OH prefers it to beef chilli now!) Then you don't have to limit the meat version!

Could you not do egg, chips & beans? Or chicken breast with chips & veg (steamed leeks & whatever esle you like)? If you live on soup you will start to feel deprived - and might as well be doing the cabbage soup diet!
Mushroom risotto? Or if not mushrooms you can add pretty much anything else!
egg fried rice - completely free! & goes well with HEb chicken too.
yes have tried quorn i dont mind it but wasnt keen on the chilli with quorn.i do like the beanfeast meals like bolognaise as thats free and i can have that all to myself yummie.oh hates it.im just gonna have to experiment.i did have a sandwich the other day but find they just dont touch the sides ha ha.
what do you have for dinner/tea

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I mainly do red (as I love my pasta & baked beans too much!)
This morning I had a free quiche made with free sausages, egg, bacon & mushroom, tonight I'm having gammon & egg with SW chips & mixed frozen veg.
Tomorrow I'll be having sardines on toast for lunch & a huge bowl of beef curry for dinner.
Saturday (green) I'll start with baked beans & fried egg then for din I'm having spaghetti carbonara (2 syns each)
Sunday (green) same brekkie as Saturday then dinner will be a huge roast (lamb probably) with roast pots in frylight, cabbage, carrots & gravy (1 syn)
Haven't planned Monday yet, but it'll be red again.

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
The quiche is easy to make on a Sunday for example - then you can grab a piece each morning - have it either hot or cold!
I don't put cottage cheese in it - just chopped mushrooms, bacon & free sausages. pour egg over and cook for 30 mins!
wow i lost 1.5lb yesterday really surprised as well as having a dodgy week it tom aswell so im really pleased .am determined to do well this week but got 2 evenings out 1 in frankie and bennys and a christmas party at weatherspoons.i find it hard to be good when im out.apart from that do you think if i save all my sins this week and use them on these nights do you think it will affect it?

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