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O/T ADVICE NEEDED- LCIS...anyone on here got it?

Dear Dietrebel

:sigh:I'm sorry I'm not able to answer any of your questions - I just wanted to offer my support if you would like it. My prayers are with you.

:hug99:It seems lots of people have looked at this thread but not replied yet, this is one big diagnosis and you are so brave to tell us all - I'm sure I am the first of many who will offer whatever they can.

:character00148:I did very quickly look up your diagnosis and it seemed to me that you have been a very sensible lady to get yourself checked as soon as you found the lump. I would also strongly urge you to contact the clinic that gave you your diagnosis and ask if you can speak to a specialist nurse with questions that have arisen since you have had time to digest the news.

I am not a clinician so would be very wrong to offer any kind of advice. I can only send my prayers and love to you.
Thanks Helen,

Seems like I'm rather alone here. But to update you. Have had a skin full of tests over the the last week. MRI, ultra sound, fine needle aspirations to name a few :eek: I'm totally exhausted!

Results so far showed two other area of concern so had more tests yesterday and have to go back next week for the results.

Diet has gone totally out of the window for now too much else to be concerned with.

Thanks again Helen for posting.

Hi Dietrebel,

Ditto Helen's prayers with you. I have not had exactly the same as you but 3 years ago I had a tumor removed. I know how exhusted you are. I imagine that there will be some treatment and possibly surgery and I think you should concentrate on getting that over you and getting better and then when you feel stronger to go back on the diet. Chances are you may loose some weight anyway.

Chin up. Sending you love and positive thoughts. If you need anything at all just shout.
Hi Dietrebel

:flowers:You're never alone on here sweetheart, just sometimes others (including me) find it hard to put things across with just words. :eek:

Concentrate on your health right now and try to keep positive. Positivity is one of our best weapons.:character00116:

Let me know if I can help in any way - but most of all know you have my prayers.:hug99:
Thanks Hotstuff all prayers greatly received.

Helen, I know people find things like this hard to handle. I've found a great website where everyone is either going through, has had or have someone close who has had breast cancer. So getting loads support over there.

Thanks for your support as well.

Sending heaps of hugs and prayers your way DR. Thinking of you hun.

So sorry to hear of your news. Don't know much about it yet. I found a lump last week. Going to the Doc's tomorrow to get it sorted. Had one before (different boob), but that was nothing. This one is def different.:(
I send my love to you all, I had a breast lump removed 3 yrs ago, and I was lucky, It was all checked out and fine, however Im going to be prone to them as I now have another harmless one, and the scare is always there when i find a new one.

Love x
Finally got a few months off from my monthly visits to hospital! Since my last post I have spent so much time being prodded and poked that when I saw my consultant today for what I hoped would be the last lot of injections...I could have hugged him when he said 'I'll see you in 3 months!'
So now I can relax and enjoy the summer...if of course we have one!
And hopefully as I can now do CD be a tad slimmer when I return in September.
Now I just need to find myself a CDC that is willing to take me on.
So good to hear from you again!

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