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O/T advice on my date!!

Hiya everyone just wanted some general opinions really, am going on a first date with a guy tomorrow who is super hot (ha ha i know i say that all the time but this one is a def 10/10 unless my wine goggles were on last weekend)!

So firstly, how can i get away with just drinking water? The alcohol isn't an issue as that can be eaisly explained but when ordering water i'm gonna feel really dull, like he may be thinking can i not even stretch to a diet coke!!

Secondly what to wear...black jeans which are nice and flattering with a black vest top and croped jacket thing and bling it up with accessories and killer heels....or.......black jeans with a fitted shirt, belt and heels. (the black jeans and heels are a must whatever the rest of the outfit). I remember seeing on Trinny and Sussanah that all black actually makes you look heavier, so obvioulsy i don't want that but i find it more slimming.......decisions decisions.xx
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vest top and cropped jacket for me hun, as for the water just tell him you are detoxing or something, have a great time hun.xx
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Both outfits sound lovely.... see how you feel moro....

You could go for still water, sparkling water, ermmm ( can ya have soda water??) lol I have had the odd coke zero and not gone out of ketosis!!!! :)

Hope you have a lovely time x

Nas x
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Hi Airgirl

Firstly, I drink at least 1 can of Coke Zero or Pepsi Max every day and it hasnt made any difference.

Secondly, wear whatever makes you feel most confident. Im sure you'll knock him dead lol

Good luck
Karen x
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definately go woith what the person above says..., theoutfit that makes you confident and you feel ok in

the amount of times i have gone out in something that looks good, but i kept tugging at it all night so obviously i didnt feel comfortable in!!

as for the water..sparkly water.. could say something like you had a dentists appointment earlier and teeth are a bit sensitive to fizzy stuff

just find the best bullsh!t excuse that you can!!!
and good luck
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Re the drinking - if he asks then tell him that you don't drink Coke due to the teeth rotting properties (thats the actual reason I don't drink it!), and re the clothes - wear whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Most of all - have an ABSOLUTELY fabulous time and come back and tell us how it went!!!!

Theresa x
Drinking sparkling water is a sophisticated thing. Even beforewhen I was out to impress I ordered a bottle of sparkling water.

It says I'm incontrol, I don't drink kiddie drinks, and I'm not going to ruin our first date by getting drunk because I repect you to much and want to know all about you.

It's worked for me!
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both sound good choices choices choices, what ever you feel best in, dont worry about the water thing just say you dont drink coke play it coooooooooollllllllll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for all your advice ladies....but now i'm truly freaking out!!!

There i was head in my books getting loads of studying done when he texts to say, basically as it's such a nice day why don't we meet in an hour, gets your head out of your books and means we can enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!! Great, i hadn't planned on day date clothes, so luckily my hair and make-up is done now it's just what to wear....can't be tottering around in killer heels during the day but then is flip flops a bit casual (they are nice ones, not beach plastic ones).

So i've got the jeans on and just rolled up the bottoms and have a black fitted vest top...but now not sure to go for white cardigan thing and belt or pale green cardigan and gold belt!!!

Arghhh, i'm so nervous, i should of just said no!!x
Ha ha..yes i was still out, have just this min walked in the door!! I went with the green cardigan and gold belt. (thanks Camilla). Awww i had a LOVELY time...am just gonna update all about it in my diary section. I didn't need to be nervous at all, he was lovely/is lovely and gorgeous and well hopefully there will be a next time as i haven't felt this keen on somebody in a long time....now the hard task of not over analysing everything!!

Thanks for all your help, i stuck to water all day...even though he kept saying 'you can have one glass of wine surely'. I didn't go into the whole diet info...just told him i have a work medical coming up so am on a sort of detox.xx


The Nerdy Singer
Ahh....detox. A wonderful excuse, because these days detox is very trendy and hip and urban yuppie cool. :)

I bet he calls you back, gorgeous!

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