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O/T, alcohol question


is going to do this!
Hello everyone :) Hope you're all well.

Just a question, because everyone seems quite brainy on here lol. OK I'm not a bit drinker, but one of the main drinks I do order on a night out when I drink is malibu (with coke or something).

Anyway, whenever I drink it, I get a really really bad stomach ache. Only malibu, not other alcohol. So I was wondering if this was an allergy or something? I'm not allergic to coconut but not sure what else is in it that isn't in other alcoholic drinks.

It's obviously annoying because it's my favourite alcoholic drink... lol, but it's always after like 3 glasses, I get this excrutiating pain and it makes me feel sick.

Any ideas? :confused:
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Last time I was on CD I stayed clear of having alcohol altogether.

I love Malibu also.... not half as much as cocktails though! I try and convince myself that the strawberry and banana shakes are daiquiris hahaha x
Hi Luci, I'm the same, doubled over. I finally realised it was cola doing it to me. I have never been able to drink Coke but before Cambridge I could have Pepsi all day long. Now a glass has me in agony.:cry: I didn't want to belive it at first but by eliminating everything else I finally found the culprit and i'm gutted as i love fizzy pop:mad:
As the others said, don't drink alcohol though if you are in Ketosis it can be really dangerous.


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Hi, I suffer with acid reflux which is kinda like heartburn on or off cd and coke (before I started cd-don't touch it now) always set me off with bad tummy pain. Zoe xx


is going to do this!
Oh no lol don't worry everyone I haven't touched any alcohol since CD! No way I'd risk doing that! I was just having a chat with my mum about when I go uni, and talking about how I reckon I'll end up spending loads of money in freshers week, and she asked me what drinks I'd order, and then we got talking about it.
I don't have a problem with coke on it's own, nor other alcohol, so I assumed it was the malibu. I was just wondering if anyone had this with other types of alcohol and knew what it was, if it was some sort of weird reaction.

It kind of feels like the stomach ache you get with food poisoning? So that's why I thought it was an allergy. It was just curiosity really! I haven't tried having malibu with anything other than coke tho so perhaps it's the combination of the two? Who knows.


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Malibu and lemonade is nice too, maybe give that a try after CD? Then you'll know if it is Malibu or a combination of Malibu and coke. I love Malibu but I'm terrible for mixing my drinks on a night out. Nowadays its a toss up between water and sparkling water.... oh the joys of CD!


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or Malibu and Pineapple Juice - YUMMER!! x
I know, it's almost disgusting.... thats probably why I like it! Haha x


it can be dangerous, possibility of sending you into a hypoglycaemic state and potential hospitalisation. Hypoglycaemia (if you google it) can make you very very ill

Some people drink on it, and then post saying "I was fine" etc but just because it works for them doesn't mean it won't have disastrous consequences for someone else.

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