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O/T are there any other Twilight fans on here?


I will succeed!!!
OMG me!!!!! x


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Yay!!! I'd hate to be alone.

Most important question though....
Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I am Edward through and through, although I can see why some are tempted by Jacob.

The new soundtrack is out on Monday, so will be off to buy that.


p.s I thought I would be the only one who has the desktop wallpaper, theme on her phone, ringtones etc. My husband won't allow me to have my Edward poster up in the bedroom!


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Me Me Me!! i read the books in 5 days. I'm going to read them again in a few weeks. I haven't seen the first film yet. I'm Team Edward, all they way. I loved these books as much, if not a teeny bit more, than I loved Harry Potter, and that was zillions.

I'm going to buy a teenagers mag, think it was bliss, because there giving away team edward or team jacob bags. =]

Oh and i wernt too fussed when it was all the rave when it first came out, but accidently stumbled across it one night and watched, and although it wasnt amaaaazing, i still couldnt look away and actually really enjoyed it, and am oober looking forward to the release of the next one, which i hear is in a month??

mmm edward ;)


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I ead all the books after my daughter chose to ead them for her "personal study" for her Highers!!

Im in team EDWARD.....but Jacob is HOT also!! and im 45!!!!


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I am off to try and find that mag today, I can see me driving miles just to get an Edward bag - surely at my age I should be beyond this??? Nah!

I am reading the latest Dan Brown at the moment but am going to re-read the Twilight series after that. The new movie is out on 20th November I believe.

She was writing a 5th book called Midnight Sun which was written from Edwards point of view but someone leaked parts of it on the net. So she stopped writing and refused to finish it and just put what she had written on her website, so I doubt that will ever make it to publication which is such a shame.

Anyhoo, will let you know if my search for an Edward bag is successful.



Grappling with life
Yes I downloaded the pdf of Midnight Sun and started to read it on the desktop pc, but invariable I kicked off the pc by my son so I need to put it on mem stick so I can read it on the laptop - where no-one dare kick me off! Read the 1st chapter, just seems a shame it will never reach print.

I did get my Edward bag today though, very pleased!

I am sooooo in love with Edward Cullen!! How fantastic are the books, have read them all twice. So fantastic.

I am counting down the days till New Moon comes out. My mates and I are having a 'New Moon Girls Night Out' and we're all nearly 30 and a good few are nearly 40!


I will succeed!!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
i just have the last book to go and then i am done XXX i loved the film too and i am team edqward i love him .


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Let me know what you think of the final book. I personally loved it but some people were not happy with the way it all ends!

Can't wait for the new film!


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