Leigh's MFP Calorie Counting Journey

It really does, especially as I've also noticed clothing getting loose, feeling very good all round right now, long may it last!!
Morning hun, I'll get up and weigh soon, no idea how I've done, didn't eat dinner but had junk snacks, also didn't count, was too exhausted and physically shattered to care lol 😂

So now I'm officially a member of the gym, better make use of it lol not until Tuesday, we'll go swimming before Angel's lesson. I paid for the entire year, saved £20, I have my savings I'll be able to use soon anyway, so thought I may as well. So exciting! I have some days off work without the kids in June so definitely making use of everything!!
Wow amazing results Leigh 😀

Just goes to show even tho you think u haven’t been 100% ur still having less to eat.

3 stones is amazing you should feel
Super proud well done
Thanks hun, I'm not going to weigh at all in week, I think it was less stressful, I know I'm sticking with it, if I know I might not count calories in evening, then I'll just have a snack in day to keep me going, it was a lovely surprise seeing that number on the scales!! I think it's actually 12.1 stones but that's still lower than iv been in years!! So couple lbs to 3 stones, I updated my signature but think iv messed the weights up, I'll do it on the laptop.