Leigh's MFP Calorie Counting Journey


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Hi, I imagine very few people here will know me, I've been a member of this site since a few months after I had my daughter, she's now 8 years old :)

What a journey, a fully pledged yo-yo dieter, aren't most of us?

I've done really strict detoxing in order to conceive, if anyone is having issues conceiving, I urge you to try this, doesn't matter what programme you follow, as long as it's good clean nutritious food and plenty of water! I did this with both my two and within a few months I was pregnant after struggling for years, lets just say, I never used contraception until after my separation from my husband in 2012! :-O We had been together since 1995, living together from 1999, married 2002, conceived my eldest in 2005 and my 2nd in 2009! Notice the gaps, yeah, it took that long after getting married and then between my two there's 3.5 years, but we never stopped trying. So don't give up, get healthy and enjoy life, get fit and forget about trying it may happen to you too.

It was in 2010 I found myself walking into a slimming world class with my baby girl only a few months old and still breast feeding, I enjoyed going, I could notice the difference straight away, but I could afford the plan as my husband earned a fair amount and I was a full-time mum so I had time to plan my meals etc. I lost a lot of weight but I've never actually got down to my target weight as life gets in the way and I lose focus, it's still happening even now, but I'm actually returning to dieting much sooner after I fall off the wagon, so this is good for me! I yo-yo'd again after that as I got busy in life with having two children, and fell completely off after about 6 months or so. Then it was January last year I came back on here and I've been hooked, made a really lovely friend (you know who you are) and dispite all my ups and downs, she's really kept me going, although my heart hasn't always been on dieting much at all recently, I find her an incredible motivation and I thank you so much!!! For listening to me banging on and all your wonderful support!

So that's a little story about my dieting life lol

I've decided along with my lovely friend to try calorie counting, this is something I started to do while on slimming world as I was finding I was over eating on all the free/speed foods and not portion controlling, if you find my other diary in the slimming world section, you'll see that I was doing so well, losing between 1-3lbs a week, every single week too, so I know it works when you stick with it!

I've gained a little weight recently, binging while feeling emotional and just completely down due to my circumstances but I've placed an online order for delivery with Iceland and that's arrived, I planned my meals for the month, so I'm pretty much organised and know what I'll be eating, I only plan to shop weekly for fresh salad/milk etc so shouldn't have to worry about anything else. Hopefully you'll actually see some losses from here on! I weighed myself yesterday, Saturday mornings are my weigh day and once I'm back to my lowest weight from earlier in the year, I'll go back to measuring too as that's more or less how I want to control my weight in the future, not the scales which I find utterly depressing and can really knock me.

I'm currently 178lbs
Lowest was 172lbs

Lets see if I can get 2lbs off by next Saturday! :)

My trousers are getting so tight and my jeans too, I've been wearing size 12's, I don't want to go up, I want to go down, that's my incentive! My top half is larger, always has been, big chest :) and arms :-( hate my arms!

I'm going to be checking in with our membership team at the local leisure centre as I'd like to start swimming with my son while my daughter learns to swim and evening for all of us to swim together. I have also been into running, I tried to get back into it recently but failed, so I'll try that again soon too, I don't know if anyone else has tried it, but there's a really great app on my phone, I have android, just search couch25k. I was going for couch210k though, I'd love to be fit! Plus great for toning up the wobbly bits haha.

Anyone interested in a little sit-up challenge, day 1, 1 sit up, day 2, 2 sit-ups, start really slow and work your way up to 30+ :) I would do this before bed, so you are in bed laying down anyway.
I've just heard back from the leisure centre, so looks like I may actually be joining the gym/swimming, can't wait, been ages since I last went to a gym. I'll only be able to go when kids with their dad, but its a start plus swimming with kids!! I even managed to get the price down a bit, so I'm happy with that!!
So far so good, went for a Carvery at brewery fayre, don't recommend it, cold and reheated, terrible, so I won't have Carvery anywhere else but Toby!! Shame really. Not worth the calories Argh. I didn't have anything else to eat afterwards, so hopefully I was well within, sometimes hard to say really.

Today, had wotsits and clementines at work, then slimfast shake at home before meeting at school, I'm trying to use the shakes up, really don't like them, quite powder tasting, I'd rather eat salad for the calories too.

Tonight burger and alphabet potatoes plus salad, depends on calories I need to work it out before cooking. Would like a little chocolate and hot chocolate before bed lol.
OMG well stuffed after my dinner, after a really bad night sleep, I now wanna either nap or head to bed, but I'll try not so I sleep through.

Going to wash up and make my hot chocolate and have 4 squares of cadburys dairy milk mmm, normally I'd polish the bar off, this will be a challenge!!
Very happy to report I weighed this morning, only a few days in from my last weigh in and I've lost 2lbs :) I won't obviously make this official until Saturday, but currently 176lbs which is 12 stones and 8lbs :)

Stuck to plan yesterday, I had just under 1200 calories so that's two days in a row now yay! I was surprised how much I could have for my dinner yesterday, burger in a bun with salad and sweet corn on the side plus alphabet potatoes (bought for kids but actually nice haha).

Today is our busy day as Angel has swimming, so having pasta, will have peas in with the sauce.
Yeah it's much easier than worrying about syns lol obviously will try having more fresh fruits and vegetables than processed rubbish lol but I'm a chocoholic so can't give it up, no matter how hard I try.

Can't wait to be a member at the gym again too.
Well done tho ur doing fab seem to be really in the zone which is great. After tomoz up be fine just comes natural weighing ur stuff really.
Yeah I haven't even started sit-ups, as its the 1st today, will try remember tonight and get into a routine.

I am probably having lots syns lol I am trying, doing better than I was with cutting down chocolate, biscuits, cake etc lol
Ye well with this u can still have it all
Can’t you which is good. The days u fancy a lot of nice stuff cut back through the day
It's definitely great, I will try be healthy as much as possible lol

Thanks hun, I actually deactivated fb for a while as spend too much time on it but had joined slimfast for motivation.
It's definitely great, I will try be healthy as much as possible lol

Thanks hun, I actually deactivated fb for a while as spend too much time on it but had joined slimfast for motivation.

I love facebook but there's some right moany people on there so I just stop following their posts. The SF group is really good though.
I don't enjoy it quite so much now, I find it sad that people don't make quite so much effort in real life as they do online. Busy lives or just not priority.

Just finished my pasta, I litterally scoffed it down like I did my dinner yesterday, starving! Hopefully that will slow down soon as my stomach shrinks, fingers crossed.

I've made jelly that's in fridge, I hadn't been reading instructions properly so wasn't using enough water lol so I've done it right today, plus calories would of been different too, so will do that right today haha.

Will do washing up and have options hot chocolate and 4 squares of cadburys yay, then I'll try heading to bed earlier too, hoping for a better night as Hay-fever not good atm, sore throat this morning so must have been snoring from not breathing too well.

Took Angel to her swimming lesson, getting excited about joining so we can take advantage and go swimming a few times a week, plus I can go to the gym 4 times a month!!
I found on Facebook people would add you as a friend yet if saw u in street would ignore you haha. So basically just on there to be nosey.

I always found I was hungry to start with then soon as I’d eaten my tea I was stuffed and felt happy I’d completed another day.

That’s really weird when I first started makin jelly I used to do the same only used half the water. I was buzzin tho cause when made it properly had double the amount 😂

Enjoy ur choc make sure u stop at 4 👍
Yeah, happened to me too hun, I only have about 40 people on mine, there's definitely at least one mum from school added me on there and we're not actually friends, it's pure nosiness, but I worry if I delete her, might make things awkward for Angel and same for some of Shayne's friends mum's too, so decided, keep them on there until my two leave school lol, but then I thought, I don't enjoy fb anymore, it took me a year to join after all the fuss when it first opened online and friends at the time who I don't talk to anymore, kept on and on at me to join, it actually caused many issues with those friends and they blocked me! Not very nice being blocked and I felt they ganged up and pretty much bullied me. So fb is long behind me, I'm sure i'll go back on eventually just cos I'm a little nosey too, but I haven't really missed it.

I feel ok after washing up and hanging some washing to dry, so i'll see how I go, jelly not quite ready, put in freezer to try hurry it up lol, but I have a feeling it won't be argh! My fault, should of made last night.

I stopped at 4 last night, felt really weird I have to say, leaving the rest of the packet of chocolate, but i'm not got my determined hat on and really want to look amazing, not for anyone else, but myself! Gain some confidence and who knows, I might find a really nice man when I actually love myself again haha.