Leigh's MFP Calorie Counting Journey

I've never been a big makeup person, it's such an effort lol Shayne always says I don't need it, so cute
I've come out starving after the meeting, ending up binging on biscuits and sweets, I find the meetings so boring and unnecessary, it's a challenge asking the children to sit still and listen, I'm glad it's finally over, just rehearsal and Angel's big day.

I'll have a better day tomorrow, its the start of the week I join gym, I get paid, finances will be good, pay more towards my holiday, a few new items of clothing, looking forward to it.

Only just cooking now.

I remeber going for the wedding was never ending lol.

Yay pay day week thank god I’m skint. Lee don’t get paid till next tue cause of bank holiday it’s crap

Enjoy ur roast
I got shayne to take this pic, I can see the weight loss, but I'm still not happy with the way I look 😔 I think swimming and the gym will help, my double chin upsets me and I can see my tummy and thighs, otherwise I think I'll be fine.