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O/T gaelic football

Havent started my lt journey until wednesday next week. Thing is, was wondering if any1 plays sports of any kind? or has any knowledge of gaelic? i was invited to join, thinking it would be a 'for fun' sort of thing, but now its for an actual team, and im so scared of turning up and a big group of skinnies wondering wat the fat one is doing there :S am i likely to pass out? are they usually all skinny fit people?
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Positivity is the key
Hi Missy3,
I'm from Kerry, we are the kings of Gaelic football, don't listen to any Dubliners or Corkonians saying differently and don't mention Tyrone (only joshing really). It's a fast game and if you are not used to playing it, it may be too much on this diet as you may not have the energy for it and you could burn a lot of calories. I don't know if you know much about the game, I am a bystander really as my boy plays but I never have. There are lots of differences between it and soccer, two of the main ones are you can handle the ball and you can score goals and points (points are scored by kicking the ball over the bar, between two posts, you get 3 points for a goal and 1 for a point). Perhaps put it off until next season and watch some of the matches coming up in the summer to get a better knowledge of the game.
Best of luck.
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I'm an Armagh lass, and Gaelic is the 'first' religion in our house. It is a fast, intense game, and the training is very cardio based (with some weight-training, depending on the team?) so a good fitness level is pretty vital? Having said that, my local ladies team are ALL pretty heavy ladies, yet they seem to manage? LOL!
Thanks! I just went for it lol, half dead, but really enjoyed it. (Although it was a beginners session this week, and was a training session for 6year olds to begin with) i coped.. barely lol


Positivity is the key
Hi Missy,
glad you had fun. I spent this evening at a mini blitz with my 7 year old. Their energy is astounding. Good luck for the next session, hope you're not aching too much tomorrow. Remember you have to be careful with exercise on this diet.

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