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Sucking so bad at this diet


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I didnt go for weigh in last week as I couldnt stick to it 100% plus i had enough shakes to see me through this week. Thought ok new week back into the zone, back in focus.

No such bloody luck, i am picking seriously, actually no change that, I am eating food seriously. I get up in the morning, say ok today is the day get a grip girl and find myself ok in the morning, but at lunch time, I dont bother with my shake and have soup (not LT soup) instead.

I have some pretty major things coming up between now and april and even this is not spurring me on.

First thing is my hubby is taking me to amsterdam for a weekend, we have been married nearly 16 years have never had a honeymoon and I so want to take some slinky sexy undies out of my case instead of grannie pants.

next I am going on holiday in October and do not want to be harpooned.

Most important one - my friend is getting married in April and I am chief bridesmaid. We went into town the other day and she looks skinny as hell in her wedding dress, we tried on bridesmaid dresses and I looked HUGE!!!!!!!!

Help please to kick my butt back on track. I have a weigh in tomorrow, i know i am not going to be in ketosis. I know i havent put on any weight but I know i havent lost a whole lot of weight either. Been on LT for 4 weeks now and going by my scales my weight loss is 20lbs. which i should be pleased at, but s**t i am kicking myself at how much the weight loss could have been if i wasnt such a failure.
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You have kind of kicked yourself in the butt hun re read your post and there a re all your reasons, but in all honesty, I have had reasons for years, then I decided I wanted to do it, I wanted to be happy, I wanted to stop feeling crap about picking etc. You are the only one that can help you
Anna x


Here we go again!
Sorry you're having a tough time at the mo.

Firstly you are not a failure! This diet is hard and to slip up every now and then is only human so don't knock yourself for that.

Can you remember how you felt when you started this? If you can, try to get back those feelings and thoughts of why you are doing this, maybe that will help. You have so many lovely events coming up to use as incentive too.

If you can beat this nibbling you will have overcome one of your bad eating habits. Are you hungry or is it just habit that you're eating?

Keep your goals in mind and stay positive. Only you can do this, you have everyone on here behind you and supporting you so start again, afresh and you will lose the weight you want to.

I never thought I would get through a day and here I am nearly 21 weeks done and over 6 stones gone. If I can do this, I'm really sure anybody can. I was so weak about food before this but now feel I will be in control of food when I come off this and not have food controlling me.

Good luck, you can do this!


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Firstly, please don't beat yourself up about it. In my experience that only leads to you feeling worse and thinking, oh well sod it then i'll have that biscuit. You're human. We all are, we all have weaker moments but when we have them we need to move away from the cookie jar and do something else or give ourselves a mental slap!

Secondly - you've had brilliant weight loss - over a stone in only 2 weeks. That is amazing! That took willpower, dedication and a desire to change your life for the better.

Thirdly, have a good read of these threads... without comparing yourself to anyone else (hard, i know!!) just look at what people can achieve on Lipotrim in a short space of time. It's utterly incredible. But you know what's more incredible? You can have that too! In the early days you may not feel like you can, but you really REALLY can :)

Every time you eat something non LT is potentially a week further away from goal, that's how I think of it anyway (may not be entirely true but it helps me).

You've got lots of time before October and could really make a huge difference to how you look and feel in time for a lovely romantic time away with hubby. Just think how great you could be feeling if you would just stick to LT 100%


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Elle, that's a great post. She's right on all fronts donjon.

It is such a hard diet to do - a 20lb loss is incredible, congratulations, and dont forget that!!

you can do it. instead of waking up every morning and saying ok i'll do it today, set a date to start again - even if thats just a couple of days or less away then you know its coming, you can build up to it but cutting down the carbs, booze etc upping the water and you'll be grand!!

every time i want to pick, i pamper. face mask, straighten my hair, paint nails etc coz once your hands are covered in gook, you dont wanna eat from them!!



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Dear Donjon,

If you can get over the first two weeks doing LT 100%, I promise you, all those feelings of REALLY wanting to eat will disappear as you will be well and truly in Ketosis. But as much as we can all give you advice and encouragement...YOU have to really, REALLY want to do this for YOURSELF...not for your friends wedding, not for a holiday, but solely for YOU. No-one believed I could possibly do something as ultra strict as this, as I am, (sorry, WAS) a real foodaholic and if only I could package the sheer willpower I had, I would want to send it to you...with love. I wish you all the best, you can do it...believe it.


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What is more important right now; food or to be in sexy lingerie and to feel good about yourself being slim for that wedding?


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arr hun we have all been there i sit and think sod this i cant do it anymore im going to come off and go onto weight watchers which i did do last year and all i done was maintainned money was also an issue for me too but here i am back on it because i want to be that size 12 for my wedding dont give up think possitive and if you feel like you are going to cheat walk away from the situation and try so hard not too as you do feel bad one you have done 20lbs is good hun but like you say what could it have been if you hadnt cheated. we are here for surport always keep ya chin up and you will get there just change ya frame of mind!


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Hi Donjon, Can I say that, 20lbs in 4 weeks is a great achievement! That's 5lb per week! That would have been hard to achieve on a 'normal' diet.

I too have faffed about for a long time, half heartedly trying different diets. Nothing has worked but that has been down to me. This is not the first time I have said 'I want to be slim for my hols, christmas parties, weddings etc etc.

But it IS the first time I have been abosolutely determined to do this for myself.

Can you log one here more often? You are the only one with the control but you are certainly not alone.


Positivity is the key
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Hi Donjon,
Hope you are feeling better today. Sometimes when we think of how enormous our journey is we can be put off by it. Perhaps looking at smaller goals, getting to the next weigh in, getting to the end of this month, may help more. Smaller steps can be more managable than a whole marathon. I wish you all the best in it.

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