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O/T..Had a row....


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with my ex partner who is currently living here until he moves out (hopefully by end of this month) and I am sooo close to walking into the kitchen and open that goody drawer!!!!! I feel like a large glass of red wine and a triple chocolate muffin....or five!!

Don't know why he gets to me so much :mad: Now i'm wondering where he is at, if he's with someone else....my mind running wild basically when I shouldn't even care.

Sorry for the rant,just have no one to talk to at the moment :wave_cry:
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Do not NOT NOT give him the power to sabotage you! I know exactly how awful it is still living with an ex and how much it can hurt and how easily they can make you feel worthless, but do not let yourself make you feel worthless by drinking that wine or eating those muffins because thats how you'll feel after and why should you, you are WORTH EVERYTHING so do not give in....call him names, scream in your head, kick a wall (but gently if you've not got shoes on) and take deep breaths.....do not give him the power....you can do it! If you ever need to talk then you pm me anytime!


getting slimmer
oh hun. dont do it!!!!!!!
just think of how bad HE'LL feel when your slimmer and sexier. he'll be wondering then where you are and who with!!
he'll be gone soon (fingers crossed!)
good luck with everything, be strong! xx


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Be strong stay on here & gather the strength to really stuff him!! Your worth more than a muffin & you'll feel 10 times worse if you have it!!!
We are all here for you anytime you're having it rough xx
dont do it hun, no point you will just feel crap afterwards. dont let him get to you. just stick with your water go out for a walk or a drive or soemthing to clear your head :) x


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Hey Penny, hope you are feeling better, it really is crap, I'm going through the same thing wondering if he is with someone else already. Luckily everyone he knows are my friends so he isn't getting away with anything at the moment. If you need to talk just let me know.

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