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*O/T* (Ladies only really) TMI...Advice Please


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This is quite sensitive so don't read on if you're squeemish etc. Womens Problems mentioned....

Well I had a miscarriage and D&C 5 weeks ago and I am still bleeding and up until last week I was still losing dark red Clots. I've been losing fresh Red Blood the whole time, it hasn't once tailed of like at the end of your period. Just literally come back from the Gym (did lots of toning etc) and thought i'd do a five min jog on treadmil to finish off. But after 2 mins I had a gush of blood and had to run to the loo. It hasn't stopped. And now I don't know what to do... as surely this isn't right? After 5 weeks? Anyone been through anything similar, can give any advise?

Thank you... and apologies for the detailedness of it.
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Julie Williams

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I havent had anything similar but it doesnt sound right if I were you I would either call the out of hours doctor or NHS direct they will be able to advise you further, hope your OK xxx


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I am so sorry to hear you suffered an early miscarriage (((hugs)))
I found this
Bleeding should then be light to moderate. If it lasts longer than;

a) 10 days
b) is heavy
c) you pass large clots
d) have severe abdominal cramps
e) pain
You need to seek medical help .... however i was thinking thi diet really plays around with womans hormones and therefore could be why your still bleeding losing lots of blood a combination of diet and the miscarriage, if it were me i would get it checked out just to be on the safe side, please be carful to not over do it esp when bleeding so much you iron level may be low may even cause you to faint at the gym,
hope your better soon big hugs
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I too would call the doctor. I had a miscarriage also and didn't have similar but everyone's story is different. If only to put your mind at ease, I think you should get some medical advice.
Will be thinking of you. I am sorry for your loss.


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Phone NHS 24
If nothing else you will need a Full Blood Count done to check your haem levels if you have had constant bleeding for weeks. You may need a transfusion or some help getting your blood count up.

If you start to feel weak, dizzy or short of breath get to A&E. But please pone NHS 24 ASAP.

Let us know how you are doing.


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i dont know if this helps but someone on Lipotrim had a period for 17 weeks straight. although it was light i think :S

any how once she introduced food again it eventually stopped.


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Hi there
I too had a miscarriage some weeks ago, i bled big clots (sorry if anyone squemish) for about two weeks then it went very light for another week or so. Im sorry your going through this and really wish i could put your mind at rest, like the other ladies have said i think seeing a dr or calling nhs direct for advice would be the best thing for you right now, im sure everything is fine but just to put your mind at rest. Hope its all okay, keep us informed, without sounding too nosey! hugs, Jacqui xxxx


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Hi Elay, no further advice just hugs and hope you're ok xx

Reject Doll

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I agree with those that say call the doc out to see you or call NHS Direct for advice. i would also say you need to be easier on your body at the moment and not do too much at the gym. If you are losing so much blood as well as being on CD you are not doing yourself any favours by extra exercise. I would wait until the bleeding has stopped. Your body has suffered trauma with the miscarriage. Time to take care of it now for a while.

(Hugs to you)

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Oh honey, i hope you're ok. Please let us know if you've contacted NSD direct. They are really good and you'll get an emergancy apt with an out of hours doctor.

I miscarried a few years ago but didn't have your symptoms. Please check it out.

Giant hug xxx and take it easy!
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I'm really sorry hun, it's horrible isn't it.

I didn't know i was pregnant, then all of a sudden i started bleeding very heavily- big clots, and dark blood, then it would change to fresh bright red blood.and this went on for about 5 or 6 weeks before i did anything about it.

I did a pregnancy test when i went to the doctors- which was clear, and she said that sometimes after a misscarriage your bodies hormone levels don't start regulating properly again by themsleves, so she gave me some tablets to stop the bleeding.. which worked within two days.. i was a bit worried at first that there might be blood left inside.. but my next period came and was just as normal.

I would book an appointment, because it's not good for your body to loose that much blood for that amount of time, especially as your body will be using all of the food you're putting into it to make your blood levels normal again..
I felt weak, and tired constantly for a while after- just take some iropn pills and that should sort it out, but ask your doctor.

hope that helps.

again, i'm really sorry for your loss. It wasn't that bad for me as i had no idea that i was pregnant. But apparently it happens all the time, and women don't realise, they just think theyre having a heavy irregular period. Don't work yourself up, just get yourself to a gp.



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hi i sadlyhad a m/c with my first pregnancy and had d/c i was ina lot of pain and bleedin for 4 weeks or so from what i remember, you need to take it easy and give your body time to get over the trauma, if your concerned give nhs direct a ring as others have said to put yor mind at ease and make sure everythins ok, very sorry to hear about your loss i was informed i happens in 1/4 pregnacys but either ppl dont tend to talk about it or itsbeen so early they didnt realise. all the best hope your feeling well again soon
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How are you tonight? I hope you're okay!


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Hey Hon
Just wanted to send big hugs hope your ok hon.....
and hope you got to see a doctor..... dont leave it.....
Chin up xxxx


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Hi everyone.... Thank you so much for all your messages xxxxx

Went to the Dr's yesterday and saw the Nurse Practitioner who then said I definately need to see the Dr (a very nice lady) she called me yesterday afternoon and I discussed what had been going on with her and so I've got an appointment to see her at 10am. She said she want's to take my blood (as probably anaemic now), she wants to do an internal scan and then depends on that.. do a smear too! She's also going to give me some tablets to stop the bleeding.. Finally!Great Fun. And all of this with my two kids there! As I live in the middle of no where, I have nobody to look after the kids!

Once again, thank you everyone for your support.. it means a lot xx


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Elay - I just wanted to send you some hugs, its a traumatic thing to go thru but at least you are under medical supervision now, I can totally sympathise with being in the middle of nowhere, I have 3 kids & we live out in the sticks lol, nearest 'proper hospital' is 40 miles away and all my family are 300 miles away!

Hope your appointment goes ok, let us know what the dr says x

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I'm glad you're under medical care now. Am with you on living out in the sticks and having no-one to look after the kids. It's tough, eh!
Best of luck,
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I have been wondering how you were. How are you now?


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Hi Everyone.... well Went to the Dr's this morning and well she had a good look and guess what...

she found a small piece of Gauze attached to top of my cervix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

It was double the size of a postage stamp, but it had obviously been left behind from the D&C. What she said it looks like, is that it had adhered itself to the cervix wall and my body was rejecting it so it was coming away and tearing at the lining of the cervix thus causing the bleeding! She said I was very very lucky not to have an infection! She said it was disgusting that this has happened.

She gave me some tablets to stop the bleeding anyway, just so as to give me some respite from it and also so low dose Iron tablets as I was just within the anaemic level! Have got to go for a check up in a week and she hopes that it would have all healed up.

My OH is absoloutely fuming to say the least... he wants to sue them! I'm just pleased that we've found the cause and that hopefully no serious damage has been done!

But thank you ladies for all your wonderful support xx
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Thank god you went to your Doctor though. I'm glad you are going to be ok now.

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