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O/T Menopause


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I apologise of this turns into TMI. Look away now if need be :D

I really just want some idea as to whether I'm hitting the peri-menopause stage. I reckon I am but some of you ladies may have more of an idea.

I'm 41 and have had a regular 28 day cycle for most of my life (give or take the odd few). Over the past year or so they've been shorter than before with the 1st day being very heavy and painful.

In May my cycle was 26 days (so it started on my birthday typically) with the usual very heavy day at the beginning. In June my cycle was 26 days with the heavy day.

Saturday just gone was going to be day number 1 so I padded myself up like an adult baby as we were going out for a meal. Nothing, zilch, nada. AF finally arrived overnight last night in a wishy washy fashion with no aches or pains. Bit heavier now but not like it has been.

I can remember my mum starting to have really heavy periods and hot flushes when she was 45ish. I don't know if it has any bearing but I was 11 (& 3 months) when I started having periods.

I can't say whether I'm having mood swings as I've always had them and I've also always had fine hair so don't know if that's changed at all.

I'm not asking for any medical diagnosis etc but just an idea whether people think it's possible or I'm barking up the wrong tree.

I shall apologise now in case I don't get back to this thread for a day or two.

Hugs to you all xxxx
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I'm not sure if you may be a bit young Sue but I'm no doctor so can't say for sure. My friend had lots of hot flushes and irregular periods at 45 and the doc said she was peri-menopausal. May be worth a chat with your doc if you are concerned.
Best Wishes
jay x


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It sounds as if you are starting the menopause, I started at about 40, but I did have nasty mood swings, like PMT with attitude - in the finish my hubby ordered me to the Dr because he was so fed up with my mood swings.

I was put on HRT and my periods were just a 3 day 'show' a month - I came off the HRT after 10 years and since then I have not 'seen' at all and I have had no more menopausal symptons whatsoever.

Why don't you see your Dr and ask his/her advice, if you are offered HRT, my advice is to take it, it makes the menopause so much easier to handle.

I hope I have been some help to you. X


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Now, my periods started doing the same thing...one month light, next month heavy and painful...I went to the Dr, they took a blood test and it's turns out I have PCOS which effects your periods like this. I'm 39, and had been wondering if it was the onset of early menopause but my Dr said not.
My advice? Got to the Dr, explain what's going on, explain that your mum's menopause started at 45, and see what they say. Maybe ask for a blood test as well?


Slow but sure....
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Good, I think that is the best way for you to go about it Sue, good luck with it. X

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