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O/T My kitten is alive and absolutely fine!


I ate my willpower!
Hi Everyone

My 8 week old kitten looks like she has had a stroke. She is now lying head to one side, half standing and half laying down on the rug.

I phoned the vet and she said that it's a min of £100 for just the consultation and we cant afford it.

She is from our last litter and the other 2 kittens are fine. Not sure what to do really.

I can't understand why vets charge so much money.
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You have to take her to be seen by someone.. if she could even possibly be in pain its only fair.. im sure there are like.. places that you can take her to be seen for free or cheap.. what about.. erm.. whats it called.. PDSA..


I ate my willpower!
Is there the other kind of vet where you don't pay is it something like PDA?

Have a look in the phone book and see if you can find anywhere

Irene xx
The nearest one is about 30 miles away but I was looking on their website and it says that you only get free treatment if you are in reciept of certain benefits.
have you talked to a vet? maybe they could advise you.. maybe they could come up with a payment plan.. it is only fair that the poor little'n gets checked out..


I ate my willpower!
She just said that they can see her in the morning for £36, which I can afford. She said just to keep her safe and warm.

They won't even entertain payment plans etc.


I ate my willpower!
Thanks. I will have a look. She isn't strictly my kitten. My cat had the kittens 8 weeks ago but we are re-homing them, not that it makes any difference. The vet did say that waiting until the morning wouldn't do any harm. She isn't in pain as she isn't meowing, she was still purring when I was holding her, and she is sleeping now.


I ate my willpower!
She seems to have perked up a bit now! I will let you know how she is tomorrow but I am more hopeful now.


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Hi Spaceangel:)

Don't know if this link will help for Vetphone but it looks considerably cheaper than the quote you had and you could get immediate advice?

RSPCA || Pet care
hi,how is she today? i had a similar experience with a kitten from my cats litter,she couldn't walk,was pooing and weeing herself,wouldn't eat and was laid flat out,i rang my vet who said to keep her warm and see how she was in the morning,the next morning she had perked up a little,turns out that someone had stood on her and hadn't told me, her body was in shock but she is absolutely fine now!
could something have fell on her or has anything happened to her? even getting squashed can cause this reaction,has she been stuck behind any furniture or tried to get out of a tight space?


I ate my willpower!
OMG My kitten is fine!! She started to improve last night, and this morning she is absolutely fine. We were thinking last night that she might have hurt her head or had a headache of some sort. But now she is running around like a lunatic, just like her sisters!


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So glad kitten is ok - I'd be gutted if anything happened to my little Princess Millicent (I know, I know!) - she's the best.
The only advice I'd give you now is to think about how really worried you were last night and seriously consider some pet insurance - you can get a basic RSPCA policy dead cheap, check it out online. If Milly was ill, I'd have her to the vets straight away secure in the knowledge she's fully covered other than a bit of excess to pay.
Kisses to your kitty from me and Milly!

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