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hey everyone

Am feeling really miserable and was hoping some of you on here might be able to help?

I used to work for a company and was there for 18 months, i loved my job and won awards for top performer etc, however my team leader really really bullied me and i put in a grievance etc, during that time i was took into the office and told i was being suspended as my team leader thought i was mis-selling!!! (i know i am good at sellin n wudnt even no how to mis sell wat i was selling anyways) i then got a letter saying i had been sacked. I know fine well i hadnt done anything and that i was clearly sacked because of my grievance so i took it to court but they said there wasnt any proof, even tho the evidence that the company had that i had missold didnt exist either

anyways i then got a new job, again loved it, my management staff where shocking and treat everyone like crap, but the contract was going down rapidly so i walked out of my job before they finished us (they finished everyone the week after)

so i got my new job (the one i have now) on my application i explained my reasons for leaving job number 1 was because i was bullied and left, yesterday i got a letter at work saying i have to go for a meetin on wednesday to discuss my reference and i should be advised this meetin could lead to my dismissal. I love my job and only had a meetin yesterday sayin they were really impressed with my work so far and could see me goin far in their company!

so in my meeting do i try to explain the real reason but since i have no proove i will more than likely get finished, or deny all knowledge explain i wudnt mis-sell cos as i have prooved i am a good sales person so have no reason too and hope they can see how much i can do for them and they believe me

please help, i havent slept all night, i have a mortgage and bills to pay i havent had hardly any wages since i left this proper job in august and really dont wanna loose my job :cry:

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What a nightmare, i think you should be open and honest, explain the whole situation etc. Explain that there is no evidence that you have been mis selling, i take it it is a call centre, well all call centres record calls so if you were misselling it would have been logged, but it isn't as you haven't missold. If that makes any sense.

I know it is a horrible situation to be in but you need to hold your head up high, you haven't done anything wrong. There is no excuse for bullying in the work place, it is a shame that you were the one who had to pay the price. stay strong hun x


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Yea all calls are recorded, their evidence is when they did the same quote as i was sayin over the phone the price was different so i could have been puttin in different info into the computer to get a better price, but this was like 2 months apart so prices would have changed :(

If i tell my new employer the truth, i will then get in trouble for lying on my application form :( i just dont no wat to do

i got bullied for a year, ended up really depressed n being sick constantly cos i didnt want to go to work, so i then reported it n i ended up gettin sacked and now it looks like am going to be finished from my new job, which i really like and am doing well at :(



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Sorry hun, well so you don't get sacked for lying on application form why don't you just deny all knowledge of anything. God these places have ways of getting round everything. They just sack people at the drop of a hat too.

Surely your new employer will see how well you are doing.

I don't know what to say except try and stay strong and try hard not to worry, you are a decent person and it was vile what happened to you.

Mrs V

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Right, firstly Hun...no previous employer can give you a bad reference unless something you did was illegal, or a danger to others or the Company. As there was no direct outcome in court, this should not be taken any further and who ever gave you the reference from your previous position is wrong.
I would just be honest with your new job. Tell them exactly what has happened, but before then, build up a case for yourself that supports why you are good at your job and how you have benefited the Company whilst being employed with them.
You are not the first person to "grey" a subject on your CV and you certainly wont be the last.
Can I also suggest you speak with Citizens Advice Bureau as they should be able to advise better than we can.

Take care.



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If a previous employer gives a reference, they are not allowed to say anything bad so if that is the case you have a case against them. You can decline to answer questions but cannot give bad references.


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as far as i know the reference says i was sacked for gross misconduct of misselling and they wudnt employ me again

my team leader is attending the meeting with me, and he gave me a report yesterday saying he could see i was going to be among the centres top performers and was very impressed with my work so far and believes i wil have a long and successful position within the company, after being top sales person in my first week! i spoke to him yesterday after the letter and i told him i walked out cos of the bullyin n he sed he will support me 100% i am jus worried when i go in and the reference says i was finished for mis-selling what wil happen :(

all i want to do, is do well at my job and i jus get crap after crap :(

thanks for all your replies :)



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Good luck hun, keep your chin up you know you have done nothing wrong!! xx


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all you can do is be honest about your previous employment and confirm what an asset you are to the company. It is better to get in trouble for fibbing on your CV and getting the job and doing well then stating the facts on your CV which are misconscrued and not getting even an interview.

If you have the backing of your team leader then you should be in good stead. Even if you get a warning I doubt they would get rid of you if you explained the story to them fully.

Take Care hun xx


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I would explain what happened when you were accused of miss-selling. Say that you took the company to court and that they couldnt produce any evidence of your mis-selling. They should not be making references like this is they do not have the evidence to prove why you were sacked.

If I were you I would seek some legal advice from ACAS. Monday - Friday 08:00 - 18:00 - 08457 47 47 47

They will tell you exactly what your rights are. They are free and very good. They helped a friend of mine when she was in a similar postion to you. Their website is www.acas.org.uk.

Good luck


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I feel for you but I think the best thing to do is just tell the truth because lying could just complicate things in the future. Just explain the situation in full and hopefully they will understand. Try and get them to see the good work you've done in your current position and ask your team leader if they wouldn’t mind explaining how you’re doing in your position. And as previous posters have said companies are not allowed to give bad references unless you did something criminal, so they should defiantly not told your company that especially since it wasn't proven they should have just denied the reference request.

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Good luck - I had much the same problem when i a place i was working dismissed me for my attendance (i fell down the stairs and sprained my tailbone and this was the reason i was off sick) and gave me awful references saying my timekeeping was awful and i was often late, which was an out and out lie!

If you are doing well hopefully your new employer will be understanding - i know when i had to have a meeting about my reference my new employer were very helpful, although i know that companies that have referenced before the offer stage haven't offered me jobs based on it.

I'm rambling now - but what i really wanted to say, was i've been there and i found being honest and open as well as keeping my head down really helped!


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stacey darlin how did everything go ive been worried about u x


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hey everyone

jus got in from work and wanted to let ya no the meetin went well, and they sed they are very happy with my work so far etc and trust me that i will work hard for them, so panic over hahhaha

thanks for all ya advice :)