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o/t really really worried about my mam

hi every1, really worried about my mam cos she got blood tests done off the doc on friday and the doctor receptionist rang her back yesterday saying doc referring her to hosp urgently....

so mam rang and asked doctor to guve her a ring back, anyway he did and sed that she had inflammation in her blood, omg wat does that mean, she then asked if it was serious and he went quiet and sed thats wat we trying to find out.....

so today we have rang hosp to try and get appt with the gastro dept and we have been shoved pillow to post so im feeling worse by the second, does anyone know what this cud be, PLEASE xxx
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Hi Corinna, so sorry to hear your news. Have you tried Googling the info you know? I know sometimes you can get more info than you actually need, but it might help??

Sending you big hugs xxx
i really don't know, i'm sorry. but i didn't just want to read and run. i hope it's nothing to worry about - keeping fingers crossed for you xx


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Hi hun, love and hugs to you, not sure what it could be sorry, easier said than done but try not to worry i'm sure the dr will keep you informed xxx
Hey Hun. I am sorry to read about your Mum. I hope that they can tell her more at her next appointment.
You and your family are in my thoughts.
Hi my love, I can understand you must be very worried at the moment. Am I right in thinking the blood tests have detected inflammation? If so this could be something like a simple infection or maybe the start of arthritis. I'm no doctor but have just googled this a little and it could be many things that increase these blood levels. I know it's probably no help to you at the moment but I am thinking of you and please let us know any outcome. Sending you a big hug:hug99: xxx


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*hugs* Hope you both get an answer soon, it's so hard waiting. Try to stay strong for your Mum, it must be even more stressful for her! xxx
Hi just read your message and don't know what to say to say except to send you a big virtual hug and hope your mum is ok and that it is something that can be sorted out fairly easily.

Poor Bean - Call NHS direct, they are brilliant - you will first of all speak to a non medical person, and they will either put you through to a nurse or get someone to call you back - they are very very helpful and kind and Im sure they will help put your mind at rest.

Big hugs and smiles
Sorry to hear about your worrying times, i do hope that the medics will let you know what is going on soon so you and your mum need not worry too much x

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