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o/t update about my mam

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well i was on here last week about my mam having blood tests at he doctors then being referred to hosp cos they found inflammation in her blood, well her results got passed over to hosp and consultant had 7 days to read them so he did and her appt is 7pm next wed nite xxx

now with her appt being within two weeks she fits the criteria apparantly for cancer or so the receptionist sed if u r seen within two weeks they mayb think its cancer, my sister was on the phone not me, so now we all worried sik xxxx
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Oh honey, I have my fingers tightly crossed for you chick! (((Hugs))) xxx


Slow but sure....
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Corrina, I hope all goes well for your mam at her appointment, best of luck to you both.

Do try to keep postive - it might only be anemia, and a course of iron will soon sort that out, thinking of you. X
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now with her appt being within two weeks she fits the criteria apparantly for cancer or so the receptionist sed if u r seen within two weeks they mayb think its cancer
The receptionist should NEVER have said something like that! How very unprofessional. My god. I think you should all wait and see what the doctor has to say. Guessing from the amount time you have to wait is tempting but really it can only cause you to worry...And hopefully with no reason.

Whatever is wrong with your Mum, they will probably have a treatment available...So be positive, fingers crossed, and wait to speak to someone who KNOWS the score. xx
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My thoughts are with you and your family, but please try and be strong.

I'm with scarletdaisy on this one hun, what on earth is a receptionist telling you things like this for. Its not her place to do so. You could be worrying about something unnecessarily. At the very least she should have asked if you would like to have a word with the doctor. The practice manager should be informed about this in my opinion. There are many reasons why your mum is being seen so quickly, so try and be positive about it, they are on the ball for treating her and that's a very good thing. My mum went through something like this about 4 years ago and it turned out she just need B12 injections every 3 months.
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You should make a complaint about the receptionist. No way should she be saying things like that! She's not qualified and knows nothing about your mother's case!

Really hoping that it's nothing serious hun. xx
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Hello hun,

Lots of hugs coming your way xxxxx I really hope your mum is ok, and I'm sure she will be. What an awful receptionist, some people who are meant to be in a position of trust should not even be in the job. Receptionists should not disclose ANYTHING, and even so, does she think its nice to give out such 'advice' when she knows that clearly it will make you worried sick for the next two weeks. You should put in a complaint hun, her conduct is completely inappropriate.

I really wish your mum all the best, in most cases it is not anything serious so I will keep my fingers crosses :)

If there are any developments with your mum that are not what you hoped for you can talk to me any time. My mum has cancer (shes only 45) and I know it can be very difficult to deal with, but please let me know.

All the best sweety take care xxxxx

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