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O/T Strictly starts tonight!


Slow but sure....
And tomorrow night too Judi - I love it, although I am so annoyed at Arlene being dropped.....

My Saturday night's are going to be happy again, (not that DH would think the same), LOL....

My apologises to you X Factor fans - but it just isn't my thing I'm afraid.....
Rav....................................:banana dancer:


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Disappointed in the frocks! The lass from the Bill was best by a mile (and had the best frock) Bruce was awful as usual! Tess was worse!. And I was pleasantly suprised by Alesha, but I wish she would stop interrupting Bruno! I'd put her between Len and Craig. I liked Chris from BBC sport best!
I was hoping for great things from Joe Calzahge (or however you spell it) and Christina but was sadly disappointed :-( maybe he will be better at Latin? I think he was absolutely terrified. Will have to record tomorrow's programme as I am out at the pub watching a group.


Lover of Extra Easy
I love it all! I am going to be glued to TV watching all the dancing. I wish I could dance like that. Fantastic exercise.
I also like X factor, but will watch the repeats on Sunday so I get best of both worlds.
I liked the BBC sports fella too. Poor Joe Calzaghe.
I love Strictly, but X-Factor comes first, so I'll watch that tonight and then turn over during the add breaks!
I'm gonna watch X Factor with the kids and Sky+ Strictly and watch it after, when I've put them to bed, with a glass of wine. What a Saturday Night!!?? What a sad old bint I am!! Bet I end up with an options instead of wine too!!



Extra Easy Apparently...!
I will be 29 two weeks today and I fell asleep on the couch (is it all downhill from here?!!) last night before it even started so missed it- thank goodness for Sky+. Was up and watching it at six o'clock this morning. I'm glad it isn't girls v boys this year but I don't really feel I get into it properly until the groups come together plus I like a mix of ballroom and latin in the one show but woop, it's started so we're officially on the countdown to Christmas!


Slow but sure....
I Sky +'ed it - with the family staying it was hard to concentrate on it - plus they are not keen on it, so I shall Sky + tonight's show too, and then watch it at my pleasure.....lovely.


Extra Easy Apparently...!
Anyone else feel a little let down after watching the first show or is it just me?
Hi Cara, totally agree but I think the show doesn't really start until all the dancers compete together. Probably my favourite last night was Chris Hollins- he danced well enough but he also had a good personality.

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