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O/T - This is VERY funny (in a 'it's cruel to laugh but I cannot help it way')

Noooooo!!!! Poor kitty cat!!!!! I laughed, but felt sooo bad for the poor thing. How could they do that to lil cute cat. Bah


I will succeed!!!
I know -I couldn't do that to Noodle or Gadget but at the same time my pepsi nearly choked me lol. It's a BRAVE person to open that door!


I will succeed!!!
I get that sad face after I bath the kitties...and I do it nicely (well, not THAT way anyway)

Awwwwwwww! LOL! I would never, ever get Smokey in the bath. He fell in once when he was a kitten, and I was in the bath. I cried with laughter SO much...

Soggy cats - so amusing!
Oh my GOODNESS! That is the funniest thing I ave seen in AGES! HA HA


I think I have seen something similar a few months ago on a Tv show, but that is soooo funny! I love the cat's face at the end of the film...... ;)


Starting Again!
That was quite funny! Specially near the end where the cat just sat down and was like "well I'm not getting out..." and then when it was wrapped in the towel and it was jsut like "you great shower of bas*ards!"
Ahhh...I showed one of my friends today, and she also found it hilarious!! hee hee.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
B*st*rds! Sorry but that could be a prosecution for cruelty.

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