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O/T - What would you do...


needs more willpower!
Saturday night i went to Dudley Castle for the ghost festival. I had a psychic reading with a guy who told me that i was going to be changing my career soon to something that i've always wanted to do, something very creative & i would have to train for it. My dream job is to open my own bakery.
Got me thinking... thought i'd post this as a bit of fun. What would be your dream job? x
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Food tester for sure! Omg I could just test yummy foods all day! Either that or a food critic, minus the write up! Would just be writing things like 'mmmmmm' and 'omg delish' lol :D
My dream job would be something not very taxing such as a dolphin trainer in the carribean, just chilling in the sun all day and working with the gorgeous dolphins would be immense.

Failing that i want to get into the Fire or become a P/T in the next few years.
milliner, I do it now but not enough to live by but my dream would be to make hats and fascinators each day. Currently I'm at home with my babies but before that I was a teacher


Slow but sure....

I went into nursing fairly late in my life and regret not doing it earlier, but I would love to have been able to train as a Doctor - maybe in another life, who know's. X


Mad old Bat with Attitude
When I was young I wanted to be a foreign correspondant, I thought they sat by a swimming pool all day waiting for something to happen! :p

Now I wish I'd been a gardener! I would just love to have spent my life outdoors creating beautiful flowerbeds and growing veg. (and getting paid for it!) Perhaps the odd expedition to search out new species?
I would love to be a make-up artist, a proper, professional one. I'm make-up mad and do people's make up loads, do the odd bride for weddings etc. But I've not got the guts to go it alone. I would need to lay out for a kit, advertising, website, etc. plus work up some serious business...there's so much competition out there. And you know when you've got a mortgage and stuff, it's scary becoming self-employed with irregular work and unsteady income with no security - especially when you're 30-something, and work for the government in a pretty secure job! I've been on the verge of doing it for a long time but never been brave enough to go the whole hog.
Hopefully il be on my way to fufilling my dream job as haidresser.. i'd love to have the title of art director in a fancy salon in 10years time and be charging £45+ for a cut LOL

failing that, i think i'd love being a midwife, its always apealed to me.. i just need to be less sqweemish, and not untill id had my own, so i could truely relate! xxx
my dream job would be a fine jewellery buyer...

and a mummy.

If I weren't so squeamish then a vet :doggy:
Otherwise I'd have loved to be a proper musician as opposed to someone who can play-ish and sing-ish...
Oh, I would love to be a florist.

I walk past a florist every day and they have the most amazing arrangements

I would also like to own a wedding dress shop!! Everyone would always be so happy!!!
Omgosh, i would love to own a wedding dress shop. Thats such a good idea. I love babies and weddings! lol.. maybe i could be a hairdresser-midwife-weddingdress shop owner all mixed in one?

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