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O/T who's watching BB tonight?


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I am! :D

I said i wasn't going to watch it this year, as once i've watched the first one i have to watch EVERY night, and it kinda leaves no time for anything else for 3 months :copon: LOL

But i've watched every single series, and i can't see me not watching it this time :rolleyes:

I find it absolutely fascinating! I know at the start a lot of the contestants' behaviour is put on and exaggerated for the cameras. But as the weeks go on you start to see their true characters come out and that's when it gets really interesting.. when the masks start to slide :D hehehe
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Have you seen the latest? There's going to be 8 boys and 8 girls, and they'll all be living in just one room at first with nothing to eat apart from cold porridge!!! Eeeek!


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Oh, and fake romances are banned! Not quite sure how they're going to tell real from fake, but who knows?!


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LOL like everyone else then Fern! I always say the same hehe :D


Is so very nearly there!
I luff it! Again have watched since the start lol

I know Kate Lawler (our dads played cricket together!) was very odd seeing sum1 you know lol


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I kinda fell in love with rex last year - don't know why LOL... he really reminded me of someone, but i can't think who! Drove me mad the whole series, that i couldn't work out who he reminded me of!

How cool that you know kate! Bet it was a bit weird watching her on tv! :D


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I will be! I've already told my boyfriend, and the news was met with a groan. ^_^


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Well, my OH has moaned about having to watch it ever since the first series. But surprise surprise, now he's working til 10.30pm every night, he's asked me to record this series for him! LOL


I can do this............
i love big brother!! i always watch it cant help it must be the nosyness in me! lol!
although i do hope they dont go on too much about jade as it still makes me really sad. Im sure they wont though! i think i am going to have a glass of wine whilst it is on anyone else going to have a treat!


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i *think* they'll be doing some kind of tribute to jade, probably at the beginning of the programme. it'll be so sad :(


I can do this............
well i do think they should as she was a fantastic bb contestant (apart from the celeb bb not good!). will need to get some tissues then as im sure it will have me sobbing into my wine!
I am!! up until today ive said i wasnt going to but i just cant resist haha! I am the same Beki, last year after watching the first one i had to watch every single one after that!! And im sure it will be the same this year!! :D :D
Me 2 I'm watchin!
I will be! I've already told my boyfriend, and the news was met with a groan. ^_^
Lol strange that, it was like da ja vue.:D

They do seem to find the strangest people though. It's like a circus to start with.


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I ♥ BB, 17 mins to go!!!
I lost a lb this week, after gaining 1½ last week then going camping and just got star week so am allowing myself a couple of small gins while I kick back and watch the madness start :)
Also no booze this weekend as am working two nightshifts sat and sun - stocktake at work, plan to eat big at the start of the night then just have a bit of a nibble on free food thru the night, does that sound like a plan?
Me too - always say never BUT always do! :D

i've heard they are not automatically in the BB house this year, they have to 'earn' their entry

(Davina on Radio1 this week!)

Looking forward to it noe as i'm on Maternity leave and as i'm a Reception / Duty Manager in a hotel i used to work most evenings - miss it and have to catch up in the day and try to dodge news / internet / papers etc.....


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Oooh yes! I heard that too! That they'll all be in that one room until they 'earn' their entry into the real BB house! Ooooh i can't wait to see what kind of people they've come up with this year :D

Hope there's no top-totty (of the female kind) otherwise i may have to accidentally 'forget' to tape BB for the OH ;) :p LOL

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