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O/T - Wish me luck...


I will succeed!!!
...cause I might have a new job!

MIGHT being the operative word ;)

Without boring you all (as it would be a long story lol) I loathe my job atm.

But another department have approached me on the side to ask if I'd want to work for them. It's a similar role, but a 4 year stepped progression 2 levels above where I am now!!! Eeeek!

I have a meeting with someone tomorrow morning and if that goes well I will have an official interview.

The end could be nigh for the current situation and I am excited. Not being overly excited as it could not happen, but at least I know other people recognise my work even if my line manager doesn't.


*does little jig*
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Oooo fingers crossed that it all goes your way!
Good luck with the interview and obviously your talent has been recognised by someone (even if not in your own team!), otherwise you wouldnt have been approached!

Good luck!

Good Luck positive vibes for tomorrow morning. I am excited for you, it is a good week for you I just know it.


I will succeed!!!
Thanks everyone for kind wishes. Had the chat this morning and seemed to go well...but he was hard to read so can't be sure. It wasn't an interview...or so I thought...sure felt like it though! Basically, they advertised the role last year and the year before but nobody 'worthwhile' applied so it went unfilled. If they re-advertise it's because they think I am worthwhile (apparently) and know I'll apply. But, it's not to say they a) will advertise and I know they think I'm poop or b) lots of good people apply afterall lol!!!

To be honest, the job will be mega hard and stressy which I am happen to take on as it's a brill opportunity. But if they don't want me know I would understand as only been in industry for 2.5 years and I'm working with people with 40 years experience in some cases...so got time on my side :D

Thanks again xxx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well fingers are still crossed for you Huni!
Maybe there will be no other applicants as the job is too stressful?
Good luck and let us know if there is another update.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
They must be impressed with you to approach you! Apply for it Huney and lots of luck!
If they are hunting you down then somebody somewhere must have noticed you and thought you would be good for the job. go for it and see what happens. At the end of the day you can always say no.

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