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Oatibix v Weetabix


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Hi just a bit confused here :confused:. For my breakfast I eat x2 Oatibixs rather than Weetabix. Weetabix x2 biscuits can be used as a Healthy Extra but there is nothing for Oatibix so I always have to put them down as a syn, which is 9 syns :eek:! This uses nearly all my allowance. Does anyone know if they can be used as Healthy Extras ?? Thanx :)
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I had a look at the online food diary as they have a full list of thre current heB's and only thing I could see was 28g of any variety of oatibix bites and 1 ryvita wholegrain CB


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I think you can have 28g of Oatibix Bitesize with a Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread.
Yes I saw that online also but I don't want a ryvita I just want 2 Oatibix, I would settle for Bitesize but how much extra can I get if I don't have the Ryvita I wonder:confused::confused: Oatibix keep me satisfied for so much longer than weetabix:)


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Oatibix full size isn't a healthy extra because each biscuit is bigger than weetabix so if you have 2 it'll come to higher calories than if you had 2 weetabix. This is why they say you can have 28g oatibix bitesized but not the 2 standard biscuits. Weetabix x 2 is 6 syns and as you say oatibix x 2 is 9 syns so you can have the oatibix and call it a healthy extra + 3 syns since it is a healthy extra anyway, you're just having more than stipulated in your books which you are synning. Hope that makes sense lol.


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Yes that does make sense and thank you :)

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